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Hello "madman" Cao Weiyu as the only "normal" people Sina entertainment news October 28th, adapted by the same name, Chinese drama drama Golden Lion Award for best director Rao Xiaozhi directed the absurd comedy film "Hello! "A" share "preview at the Centennial Hall of Peking University, and announced that the scheduled December 9th National release. In the afternoon, Cao Weiyu appeared wearing a suit, tide full range of children, after the screening, director and creative harvest from the audience’s applause, Cao Weiyu plays the bughouse Dean is the only "in normal people", was a key figure in the final to make the truth surfaced. Hello, crazy movie! "According to the drama adaptation, tells the story of seven people be strangers to each other in the case of unprepared was locked up in a mental hospital, they are forced to encounter various benign and crazy behavior. Seven people to escape from the asylum to exhaust all the skills was a ridiculous, absurd things in an asylum…… Cao Weiyu as a mental hospital dean, only a "normal" people, he matured as a doctor, it means, in seven patients to talk therapy, even some patients often overbearing, pushed to the brink of collapse! When it comes to the role of the scene, and the director for many years to understand the Cao Weiyu said: to participate in the "Hello madman" is one of the crazy things in his life, he played the role of Morgan is to complete the. Hello, crazy! "Director Rao Xiaozhi’s debut, as brother Cao Weiyu after watching the film can not help but praise" proud Xiao Zhi ""! The director also said: Cao Weiyu is the film’s surprise, in preparation for the beginning of inviting him to star in a corner to see the role of the president, and get everyone’s praise recognition, feel it is right to. The concept of the movie, the film was warmly welcomed by the audience, mouth overflowing. Wan Qian, Cao Weiyu, Mo Xiaoqi, a few starring and producer Yin Yin, director of the group of the audience with the director of the interaction of the group on behalf of the president of the world, and the group of people, such as the director of the group, the group of. Talking about his feelings, Cao Weiyu graduated from the Central Academy of Drama said their own long standing in the drama on the stage, his movie at Peking University Centennial Hall premiere honored, "Hello! "Art and unique precisely and North motto fit, freedom of thought, so to the north to absorb anything and everything! It will be the same day, the film side announced the concept of a film version of the poster, posters in various symbolic meanings, full of sense of design, impressive. Director Rao Xiaozhi also officially announced Hello, crazy! "In December 9th will be screened in the country, and will be in Wuhan, Xi’an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Shenyang City Campus roadshow" share ", will continue to recommend to the movie audience, please look forward to! Maybe all the creative go next to the place is your city. (commissioning editor: YY)相关的主题文章: