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Henan 72 companies benefit poor counties listed "Easy Access" Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money by Zhao Liyun recently, "listing queue free" preferential policies for registration of listed in the poverty-stricken counties of pre enterprises, has become the people envy "xiangbobo". Securities Times ·, e reporter learned from the Henan provincial finance office, according to comb, Henan currently has 72 companies benefit from the poor county listed new deal. Recently, Henan province has held many seminars to help poverty-stricken county enterprises listed on the program, "dragnet investigation, precise guidance" is about to open the curtain. Henan 72 enterprises benefit from the impoverished county recently, the Commission issued the "China Commission on capital markets play a role in national poverty alleviation strategy service opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions", for the poor area of IPO (IPO), three new board listing, bond issuance, mergers and acquisitions has opened up a "Easy Access". Poverty alleviation and Development Leading Group Office of the State Council website released a list of poverty-stricken counties show that a total of 38 counties in Henan province was identified as poor counties. According to the Henan Provincial Government Finance Office statistics, registered in the county of the new board listed and to be listed companies a total of 16, the new board to review 5 enterprises, 1 enterprises in the queue of pending IPO. In addition, according to the Henan Provincial Government Finance Office released the latest 327 provinces listed on the list of key enterprises, located in poor areas have 58. Eliminate duplication, a total of 72 companies will benefit. The province’s capital market poverty alleviation work arrangements of the Securities Times reporter obtained from the provincial finance office "(hereinafter referred to as" materials ") show that as of the end of August, a poor county of Henan Province in the territory of 7 listed companies, namely Luoyang molybdenum industry in Luanchuan county (603993), Puyang county (002225), Pu resistant shares Neixiang county animal husbandry original shares (002714), Minquan County of the Oriental Silver Star (600753), Yucheng county (02700), Cody dairy Xinxian County Lingrui Pharmaceutical (600285), Huangchuan County Huaying agriculture (002321). Other poor counties have no domestic listed companies. In the trial of 1 enterprises, is the Nanyang Sheqi County PA Sen photoelectric company. Companies registered and the main production and operation are in poor areas and to carry out production and management for three years, to pay income tax for over three years, the application of "that is, the trial, the trial that is" policy. At present the company in gem pending business ranked 100th. The overseas listed company 5, respectively is Xichuan County of Xichuan shock and green standard vanadium industry in Luanchuan County, Luoyang County, Ruyang molybdenum industry doukan holdings, Taiqian County Industrial snowbird. In September 22nd, Henan agricultural comprehensive development company held a forum to promote the investment of enterprises in poor areas. At the meeting, the current Henan three new board listed company registered in poor counties have 14, in addition to three new board listed company. Among them, there are 9 new board listed companies have reached the performance of A shares listed profitability targets. Among them, the elixir of science and Technology (832821) on 2013-相关的主题文章: