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Henan, the first day of air pollution is now facing the challenges of the annual air pollution targets – from the air overlooking the new network, Zhengzhou, North Sanhuan area visibility is low. Han Zhangyun photo Beijing, Zhengzhou, November 15, November 15th (Han Zhangyun), Henan and more large area heating, heating in winter on the first day, affected by adverse weather conditions, even to the most areas of the province was shrouded in haze, the air quality is poor. Henan this year, the province’s 18 cities to develop the average number of days of good air target for 195 days, as of November 12th, excellent, good days for a period of 186 days, and the target value of a difference of 9 days. Challenges facing the completion of the annual target of the atmosphere. Reporters from the Henan provincial Environmental Protection Bureau official website "Henan province regional environmental air quality forecast" see, 15, 9, 18 cities in Henan Province, Luoyang, Anyang, Jiyuan, Nanyang, Luohe, Zhumadian, Xinyang and other urban air pollution is severe. Shangqiu air quality index (AQI) soared to more than 300, for serious pollution. From November 13th onwards, Henan, the provincial capital of Zhengzhou will be heavily polluted weather blue warning upgraded to yellow warning, various departments to take a number of measures to ensure good air quality. On the first day of heating, Zhengzhou air quality was slightly polluted, the air quality index was 115. According to previous experience, heating season air quality will face enormous challenges. In 2015, the first day of heating, the country’s air quality index burst table, in a serious state of pollution. At the beginning of July this year, Henan province has developed air battle target, determine the 18 cities in the province average annual atmospheric fine days to reach 195 days. With the arrival of the heating season, and there are more than and 40 days in 2016 will be completed, the completion of the annual target of Henan atmospheric challenges. Data show that as of this month 12 days, this year the province’s average PM10 concentration of 118 micrograms per cubic meter, a difference of 3 micrograms per cubic meter and annual target value; average PM2.5 concentration of 64 micrograms per cubic meter, lower than the target value of temporary 14 micrograms cubic meters; excellent and good for 186 days, 9 days apart from the target value. Heating the first day, Zhengzhou air quality for mild pollution, the primary pollutant is PM2.5. Han Zhangyun took this, the Henan provincial environmental protection department specifically formulated the "1? 2?" plan. "1" is to strengthen the control of air pollution in winter, every day for the next three days a week and even the province’s air pollution situation analysis judged once predicted that the future will appear mild to moderate pollution, immediately launched the emergency control. "2" is the regulation of small scattered poor enterprises and remediation of coal burning. At the same time, Henan province will organize environmental protection, transportation, public security, industry and commerce, the Ministry and other relevant departments to do the construction site, major pollution, boiler Chaigai, yellow car on the road, the country five gasoline use promotion in 5 aspects such as the supervision of inspectors. Ensure the completion of this year’s air pollution control objectives and tasks. (end)相关的主题文章: