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Update the status of the hero Galiot werewolf is about to re – the Sina hero League Division everyone, we think it is a good time to introduce the hero to update the team. And Meddler released the "status quo analysis of the season," the article is similar, we want to try to do a "hero update status analysis". At present, we have four small team responsible for the hero updating: two teams responsible for the large-scale redo hero, a hero of the team is mainly a kind of collective update, there is a small team composed of illustrators (this work is outsourced), they are mainly responsible for updating outdated original heroes. Next I will talk about the future of the four teams, as well as the objectives of each project to achieve, but also on the recent completion of the project will be a summary. As stated, we put four team named team A, team B, team collective and original team (write a couple of names, I feel the need to listen to several points). Collective team – a kind of hero update team recent project: mage collective update mage collective update target and previous collective update almost. We want to target a range of less mobile mages, allowing everyone to show greater gameplay differences. We also hope that in this mobility is king hero alliance in the new world, can be awarded master survival. With the lessons of previous collective updates, we also pay more attention to cohesion. We want to make sure that the changes are in line with the hero’s theme. Now we see the big change in the "six key master" winrate growth or are close to each other. They generally feel that the big game player, post many mages can play, but also more personality. These are visible results, but we also feel that the impact of the great change is not as good as the previous collective update. Especially the eyes of the void, we feel that it is not enough. After several adjustments, he got a good selection rate, gameplay strategy is also more diverse (about the real damage mechanism), but in general we think it can be changed more. Looking back to the great change, we also think that should be less quantity, fine quality. From the game of health in this regard, should do more work on the grasshopper, and if we come to a complete reworking of the fire man strokes, he may become more good. The current project: Assassin Assassin’s goal is to update the collective update, give play to locate each assassin unique, the assassin collective placed more healthy situation, and let them have more ways to contribute to the team. We also believe that the assassin is indeed the best interpretation of the game, "skills aesthetics". We hope that the assassin is more likely to show the operation, but also can be punished. Let the reliability of assassins fall, while we can make their gains high. The assassin update a little the biggest difference is that we think the master changed a little bit in the process of bound hands and feet. We really want to promote the theme of these heroes play mode. We found that the projects with the most time and resources were the most successful projects. We don’t ask "what should we do to improve the hero?"" But to ask "to let this.相关的主题文章: