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Higgins praised Ding Junhui Ding Junhui: skilled learned a lot from him – Higgins Ding Junhui like sports Sohu held in Daqing last year’s championship, Higgins all the way through to win the Champions League this year, Higgins’s first game battles, he hit a single shot 145 points stunning the audience, see by the Scots to the climate and environment in Daqing is very fit, so he has also been seen as a popular candidate to win. In September this year, Ding Junhui won the Shanghai Masters champion, once again ignited the enthusiasm of Chinese fans. A month later, Ding Junhui appeared in Daqing, attracting a large number of fans watch the games live, has absolute influence. In this game, the first two Higgins made a 2-0 lead, but he in the game’s victory over the next six years, the Bureau, Ding Junhui to two Pobai, a 80+, two bar 50+, 6-2 victory, get the semi-final tickets after talking this game, Higgins said: "I was disappointed with my performance today. Before the game I have half a lot of good opportunities, but after too many of my mistakes, resulting in lost." "Ding Junhui control on the ball is very good, I have seen he is doing this one of the best players." The high level of competition in the Ding Junhui show, impressed Higgins, "show the white feather". For the 1/4 finals, Ding Junhui is summed up: "today I played well, the first two Higgins ahead, my own rhythm and play are not disrupted, according to their own ideas." Higgins had expressed his appreciation and affirmation for the interview in the past, said: "I have been growing up since I entered the professional competition until now," said Ding Junhui. "I have been growing up.". I remember when I started playing against Higgins, he won more than I did. In Higgins, I learned a lot of things, bit by bit accumulated, it has become the present me." With Higgins out, this time to participate in the national championships of the "75 heroes" were all eliminated. Once the "75 heroes" is a symbol of an era, the rulers, but with the sport development and O’Sullivan, Higgins, Williams grew older, more young players to a higher position in the station. In this regard, I do not want to be used to compare, in fact, each movement is a new generation of players to replace the older generation of players." Ding Junhui said: "as for us, just need to do their own, take their own occupation career, do not let yourself regret on the line."相关的主题文章: