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High school students from poor families fall from filing cards exempt from office fees before the Ministry of education and other four departments issued a notice requiring all localities and departments should do a good job in the ordinary high school students family economic difficulties from participatory studies identified policy and tuition fees relief work. According to the August 2016 Ministry of finance, the Ministry of Education issued "on the exemption from the ordinary high school students participatory family economic difficulties of the tuition fees", since the 2016 fall semester, from public high school and other participatory family economic difficulties students (including non participatory family economic difficulties of students with disabilities, students, rural residents of rural poverty relief for families the student tuition and fees). "The ordinary high school students participatory family economic difficulties from the study object and policy fees that tuition relief work procedures" clearly identified standard four kinds of students: students and families that filing riser filing riser family economic difficulties to the national standard of rural poverty alleviation in 2013 per capita net income of farmers 2736 yuan for the identification standard, comprehensive consideration housing, education, health, poverty alleviation by the Department responsible for that; rural poor families of students by the civil affairs department is responsible for the identification, given the minimum living guarantee; rural poverty relief for students by the civil affairs department is responsible for identification, poor staff minors under the age of 16, after receiving compulsory education in senior high school, or secondary occupation school the school, can continue to enjoy the support assistance treatment; identification of students with disabilities to hold People’s Republic of China disabled The witness shall prevail, by the CDPF responsible. In fact disabled but not yet hold the disabled permit students should be required to enjoy exemption from tuition policy, must first apply for disabled card. The "measures" provisions, tuition relief work routine program is divided into four steps: the county (city, district) Department of education enrollment in 5 working days after the end, will provide the Department of civil affairs, poverty alleviation and disabled students in ordinary high school admission list; three departments within 5 working days, will meet the list of feedback education departments at the same level; the Ministry of education will be provided to the corresponding list of schools in the school before, finally by the school were exempted from tuition work. "Approach" also pointed out that, due to omission, identity change, inter regional enrollment, information doubt and so on, the students apply and fill in the "ordinary high school tuition free application form", will collect the students to apply to schools in the county within 5 working days (city, district) education department. To apply for the students, the school suspended its charge tuition and fees, to the relevant department, be exempted or up close. The "measures" requirements of the school tuition fee waiver will be timely inform the parents, in addition to the time node centralized processing, the other time the students received free tuition for, should also be timely acceptance, timely identification. The "measures" finally stressed that the related information for tuition and fees from work items shall not be used for tuition and fees from work and update the information outside the Department shall not, without permission to provide more, not free to disclose. Through network comparison, to strengthen network security, to ensure that student information is not compromised and stolen. (people’s network)相关的主题文章: