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Homogenization of competition behind the secondary trading platform how shunt? After more than two years of development, the second-hand idle goods trading community continue to emerge, but once into homogeneous competition situation, the overall market heat bland. Differentiated services to test the water for people to see the signs of innovation. "There are idle fish, there are around." Shanghai, a young mother Li Rui likes to wash some of the two second-hand trading platform in the maternal and child supplies, but also the unused electronic products sold out. The other side of the authentication information, the more people can rest assured." She said. Idle fish is an early introduction of second-hand trading platform to introduce social relations chain and real name authentication mechanism, become the focus of the secondary platform to upgrade. Idle fish is born in June 2014 in the Alibaba’s innovative business, users can see each other’s credit score, Taobao grade, sesame micro-blog and Alipay information platform to open up the real name authentication. Recently, the integration of these authentication methods launched a credit product, free fish number, in addition to the identity card and public security data verification, but also provides a real camera camera upload authentication services. On the other side of the turn is 2015 double 11 line on the second day of the same kind of App, is the second city of the second-hand trading plate of the city of. According to 58 city insiders to the first financial reporter revealed that the second-hand trading business is old Yao (58 city CEO Yao Jinbo) had a wish some years ago, ten years ago." Due to the equity relationship between the 58 city and Tencent, the introduction of second-hand platform is a natural introduction of WeChat friends relationship chain, but it also introduced a sesame. In what way to increase the credibility of the identity of the user in this regard, there is no way to turn around Ali products. Around 58 is one of the "58 home system credit system as sharing the economic development of hydropower coal, if the environment does not trust foundation construction is good, will not have a good user experience, the operating efficiency of the platform will be greatly reduced, the scale is very difficult to do it." Idle fish head Albert Chen points out the value of credit transactions in the secondary. Behind the certification system convergence, the secondary trading platform in the category and mode is slowly towards differentiation. According to the latest around announced data show that the total amount of the order of the top three mobile phone, digital products, clothing shoes and hats, accounted for respectively 17.5%, 14.63% and 10.7%. Usually, second-hand goods sharing is a non standardized commodity trading, electricity providers, especially B2C mode electricity supplier business ideas are different. Turn around to take the reverse thinking, select the phone in the vast category of mobile phones (and only iPhone phone) as a core category of the test of its own business. Around Operation Director Su Lin first financial last week in an interview with reporters that the "superior" around business similar to the C2B2C model, Youpin will recover a part of 90% new iPhone mobile phone from the C end consumers, conduct quality control by the surveyor, and then to second-hand goods through the platform set in foreign sales; also provided third for machine inspection service platform, the willingness of buyers and sellers deal, the seller will send the test report by the mobile phone around, around its own surveyor gives the mobile phone, buyers need to pay 1 yuan for the detection of. Actually walk around.相关的主题文章: