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Hongkong good parents protect rare disease female does not give up: never feel that her daughter is a new network in November net burden – 13 according to Hongkong Ta Kung Pao reported that Chen Yongning will be 7 years old, from the slow development and the lack of language ability, under the age of 2 when it was diagnosed with a rare "angel syndrome". When that daughter suffering from an incurable disease, father and mother Chen Songci (Joson) Wu Zhihua (Joe) frustrated and helpless, most worried about Joe days after no one to take care of her daughter, even thought to hold on Ning jump, returned home, fortunately her husband side, pulling her up from the edge of despair, but the couple concentric bottomed out strong, in the face of the future. The couple to the parents of the first patient, the establishment of Hongkong’s first "angel syndrome" organization, arouse social concern of this disease, we gathered every corner of "little angel" mutual support, let the class know "little angel" is not "alone", hoping to inject positive energy for the community. Turn around, every baby is crawling, babbling, growth stage, is also the parents look forward to each new picture, but Joson and Joe looked at the growth of the road has a yong Ning blood and tears. Born in 2009, Xu Ning, the term birth was born, mother also do the general check, but Yong Ning was born as other infants are different. Joson and Joe recalled, Yong Ning about 6 months not only failed to turn around and sit tight, and failed to pass the regular inspection of the maternal and child health, it is suspected that the slow development of Yong Ning, after referral to a pediatric department of orthopedics and brain, physical therapy and other specialist search result. Yong Ning is not confirmed before, the couple quite helpless, a year between her daughter four examination, treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, offbeat chiropractors are tried. Until Joe unexpectedly pregnant with a second child, second child doctors worry that there are problems, to advance gene detection results confirmed suffering from "angel syndrome Yong ning". When the doctor told them that the disease could not be cured, the couple head blank. Joe said "never heard it, when you know is incurable, feel very depressed, was worried that if we can not take care of her, after how to do?" She said, "when the accident pregnant with a second child, but in the face of Yong Ning ill relatives was also worried that we face the pressure, advised me to consider giving up a second child." Fortunately, her husband’s support, accompanied by the face of all the challenges, so that the two children are gifts given by God, who can not give up. General children may learn to crawl half a year old, 1 years old has to know how to walk, but Angel syndrome patients IQ, activity and language skills have serious obstacles. Yong Ning 2 years old had climbed 4 and a half years old, she took the first step in life, the most will simply say "Papa" to call my father, but to see her daughter a little progress, has taught the parents meet. Joson said, "others learn ten times, she may have to learn many times may not be able to do, but the most critical is willing to accept, willing to face." Take care of Yong Ning is not easy, because the "angel" syndrome it is difficult to sleep for more than 4 hours, two couples for night and day care, and suddenly cramps can be life-threatening, the couple had to learn first aid skills "keep the door", of course, learning methods and care"相关的主题文章: