How do I let the mother-in-law respected her, once bitten by the feeling! Sohu –

How do I let the mother-in-law respected her, once bitten by the feeling! – Sohu maternal and child mother-in-law good and bad, completely exposed to a child. After marriage, the students asked: "do you like to live with her parents?" I was somewhat puzzled: "good ah, so you are not lonely, busy work and not their own……" Indeed, after marriage with a child, the day can be. I love grandpa mother-in-law eating grapes, sugar cane, often go out to buy, I washed away; her almost every day to turn upstairs, clean the room; sometimes my mother, mother-in-law also particularly enthusiastic…… In short, the mother can take care of me, so polite to people, I feel very touched. Although she is not a culture of people, and sometimes do not speak too much, out of some habits are not used to see, but I always think this is the reason for the old, it did not rest assured. After the birth of the child, what happened to me completely no idea. The original can be disguised so badly! The hospital — the child was born a few days, we discussed whether we call Yuesao, mother-in-law and father-in-law and wink, don’t call Yuesao (when I sat next to the bed, in fact heart think call Yuesao does not matter, but saw this scene in the mind will not be very comfortable). Later, my mother said to take care of children and maternal aunt experience, we also learn, and finally called. The birth of a child, wash brush, scar pain rub, these things are much more special, let the mother-in-law do always feel shy, so mom and grandmother in the hospital to accompany. Don’t know what her idea, she may think my mom is redundant and should not be in the hospital to take care of it (her grandson is born, everything here is no matter about my mother), so the language shows all kinds of strange behavior. On the table a lot of fruit, free time, or cut an apple to the nanny to eat or guests came to the guests to eat (for my mother, is a blind eye,), or is rather sit rather than eat. When the guests came to see me with a red envelope, they would have to pass her hand first. (I would like to write a book and then give it to me. Once the guests put red on the table, red did not write the name, my mom said when kindness "I help you write," mother-in-law hurriedly said "I grab the last red envelopes to write me to write", and on one side with what to write (in fact she is a word will not write people). The child is going to take a shower, she was the first to rush at the back of the child, for fear of my mother to hold the child to go. And my mother, always stay in the ward, walk me or help me out. Babies love to sleep would not drink the milk, the baby’s nanny rub ears, mother-in-law immediately stepped forward to stop, let him not to "get" nanny. Are some irritability, in the end is she understand or often in contact with the baby nurse nurse understand? Is this also love? Mother didn’t say in the next, do not love the child as her mother, love children?) The yard — and so on as usual in the mother-in-law home, also named the child usual surname husband, I have been very traditional (according to 80 thought, love in the mother)相关的主题文章: