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Computers-and-Technology As SMS group enables us to send the same message to multiple people without manually entering their mobile numbers in the senders’ list, an email group facilitates us to send the similar email to various recipients. While sending any email to multiple recipients using the email group, you do not need to manually type or select their email addresses. You just need to type the name of the group instead of typing the recipients’ email IDs. And the Gmail automatically enlists all email IDs available in the selected group into the recipients list. Using the email group is beneficial because of the following facts: * Saves a substantial amount of the time that you waste in manually typing or selecting the email addresses of recipients. * Once you have included an email ID in the group, Gmail automatically sends a copy of the email to that recipient. Therefore, you never forget to send email to important recipients. * You can have multiple groups based on the categories like Family group, friends circle, colleague, etc. Now, when you know the benefits of email group, let us execute the following steps to create email group in Gmail – the most frequently used email client: 1. Login to your Gmail account. 2. Click Contacts in the left panel. 3. Click the New Group icon next to the New Contact icon. 4. Type a name for the group that you want to create. 5. Click All Contacts. All of your Gmail contacts are enumerated. 6. Select the contacts that you want to add in the group. 7. Select the down arrow beside the Group button and select the recently created group to add the selected contacts in it. All of the selected contacts are successfully added to the selected group. Now, when you have learnt creating the email group in Gmail, you can create as many groups you want based on the type of the email that you want to share with your friends, colleagues, and relatives. Let us now execute the following steps to know the process of including a group in the recipients list while sending email: 1. Click Compose. 2. Type a few starting letters of the group in the To field. Gmail automatically flashes the group name. 3. Select the group name. As soon as you select the group name, all of the email addresses saved in the selected group will be included in the To field. This way, you can easily and impeccably create the email group(s) in Gmail to save your time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: