How to educate three month old baby – Sohu maternal and child

How to educate the three month old baby – Sohu maternal and child to help children in the establishment of routine routines, mom and dad think most of the children always grow up, how to give advice to the child. In fact, when the baby was born three months, mom and dad can start to develop a similar routine for them, so that they have a good living habits, make it more stable. In the process of cultivating children, parents need to invest more patience and care. The newborn and infants within eight weeks of age, generally more difficult for them to plan, in what they want is satisfied, children always love to decide how much sleep, how much to eat, and so on. However, in the three months of the baby, mom and dad have been able to give them the establishment of routine routines, specific sleep, eating and activities. At the same time, after three months of getting along, mom and dad have now been able to know the baby’s habits, preferences and exclusion, etc., which will slowly become the baby’s personality. Make daily routines, can effectively help the baby to adjust and adapt, including daily routine, feeding a series of actions, the baby will bring some sense of consistency and structured management, but it is not like the adult world as strict rules. Three months of daily routines, including what matters? Mom and dad can usually record the baby’s sleep and diet patterns in order to find the law, there is a specific interaction between the role. Baby is best to be able to do in their own bed outside the place to sleep. However, if the time to feed the baby late, or a nap is not complete, then the baby’s life will be affected, serious will be disrupted. So, mom and dad set up routines required flexibility, not mechanically, ensure flexible use in different situations. Structured routine routine with what we call the schedule is not the same, the schedule is biased to what to do at a few times, and routine routines is mainly to let the baby develop a law to help children develop habits. For a long time, the baby will have to do for their own concept, so that the baby can expect. This will help the baby better adapt and understand the world around them. Every time when mom and Dad, feeding the baby diapers, comfort him when the baby is crying, it’s best to strengthen the consciousness of the baby, let the baby to know someone in the side. But sometimes there will be such a situation: if Mom and dad is not careful enough, the baby’s pressure will become very large. This has a role in promoting the growth and development of the baby’s brain and body. The world needs the baby mom and dad joined in children over three months later, Dad would have noticed the baby seems to be more in love with my mother, when the reason is that with mother, the baby is always very happy, he does not cry, not noisy, not picky. In fact, this is mainly related to the mother to the child feeding, feeding, as well as familiar smell and other factors. If dad wants to be as good as a baby, you can ask your mother to squeeze her breast milk into the bottle, and then ask dad to help feed the baby. Take相关的主题文章: