How To Maintain Your Search Engine Results Page (serp)

SEO A drop in rank in your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking is something that all webmaster experience sooner or later. We have all experienced this or if you haven’t thus far, you will sooner or later at some point in your career. The truth of the matter is that .petition never sleeps. There will always be someone who works through the night figuring our a way to our rank you. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to .bat this tendency of your website to go stale, for lack of better terminology, in the eyes of the major search engines. Fresh content is always and will always be a must. Search engines know that their customers are very demanding in that they always want the most up to date and most relevant information available. After all, search engines are used as research tools and who wants to base research decisions on old information? Take product research, for example. Who wants to read about the 2008 model of snowboards when the technology for this snowboarding season has changed and is better than that of the previous years. Useful, up-to-date and relevant information is a part of the SERP equation and will continue to be indefinitely. A natural backlinking structure. It is no secret that backlinks have major influence with respect to your SERP ranking. Major search engines poll human opinion by closely monitoring who links to your content. By this standard, the more links you have, the higher your ranking should be, right? Actually, there is a little more to it than that. A natural backlinking structure is necessary to boost your SERP ranking. A natural backlinking structure is the result of one of two things. It is the result of either exceptional content and draws links on it’s own or it is the result of a backlinking campaign that is natural in appearance and has been undertaken with surgical precision. Opinions vary about how a natural backlink structure would appear. The best way, however, to understand the nature of a natural backlinking structure is to analyze one. There are many tools that can help an SEO expert to do this. SEOSpyGlass is an example of one such tool. Continuously add value through research. As mentioned before, fresh and unique content is the absolute best foundation that your website can have. And, the best way to create unique and original content is to publish results that you obtained from your own research. Let’s refer back to the snow boards again. What would be more interesting and informative to a reader, an article written by someone quoting opinions about the latest snowboards or an article written by someone who has actually taken the board and tested it in the mountain site, recorded their own notes on the subject and used those notes to publish their own unique article on the subject? Obviously, first hand research would beget a more interesting article. As stated at the beginning of this article, maintaining your SERP ranking is an ongoing effort. Make no mistake, there is and will always be a webmaster looking to knock you down from the number one spot or the first page in the search results. Stale websites are picked off more easily. However, a website that continuously provides fresh and unique content, has a natural backlink structure and provides plenty of real value relative to it’s niche will continually maintain a high SERP ranking. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: