Hubei College of undocumented motorcycle riding for more than a thousand years planted in Yunnan Lij

Hubei College of undocumented motorcycle riding for more than a thousand years "planted" in Yunnan Lijiang – Yunnan Beijing News recently, students of Hubei, driving two motorcycles, long-range raid came to Lijiang more than a thousand years. The results arrived in Chongqing, on suspicion of driving without a license, and the use of other motor vehicle license plate of two traffic violations, by the Lijiang city police punished according to the law. October 5th evening 22:30 PM, when the police did not wear a safety helmet on the motorcycle driver to check, found that the driver was unable to produce a driver’s license, only took out his identity card. Let the traffic police unexpected is that the illegal driver. By the police on the ID card inquiry, the driver Lee did not have any license, or the second grade a college students; in the query the driver of the ordinary two motorcycles, let the police surprise, corresponding to the license plate number of the car was a cargo tricycle motorcycle. Police carried out a careful inquiry, the driver Lee is Shanxi, this year is still a college sophomore in Hubei, usually like to ride a motorcycle, but did not get a motorcycle driver’s license. After being seized, Lee on their illegal driving behavior regret, but fortunately he did not have any traffic accident on his way of driving. For the illegal acts of Lee suspected of driving without a license and use of other motor vehicle license plate, police withheld ordinary two motorcycles driving, and inform them within fifteen days to the Li brigade to accept the deal. For Lee suspected of driving without a license violations, in accordance with the "People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law" ninety-ninth paragraph (a) and the "Yunnan road traffic safety regulations for the implementation of" eighty-seventh paragraph (two) of the regulations, without obtaining a driving license to drive a motorcycle at more than 200 yuan to 500 yuan fine fifteen days detention, may impose. The illegal behavior of Lee alleged use of other vehicles in the motor vehicle license plate, according to the provisions of paragraph third of "People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law" ninety-sixth, to 2000 yuan more than 5000 yuan, and take over the license plate. It is reported that the "eleven" during the golden week, Lijiang city traffic police brigade all personnel on duty cancel leave, every day from 7:30 in the morning to 2 in the morning, earnestly perform their duties in their respective positions, to create a safe and orderly traffic environment for the tourist festival. Lijiang city traffic police to remind the driver of traffic safety is related to all traffic participants, and other traffic participants for their own lives and property safety, do not assume illegal driving of vehicles on the road. Reporter Yang Zhihui photography, Yang Zhilong, Zhuang Guoxi相关的主题文章: