Hundreds of people to be unemployed to Goldman significantly abolished Asian investment banking jobs brock lesnar

Hundreds of people to be unemployed to Goldman significantly abolished Asian investment banking jobs photograph: visual Chinese this year Wall Street investment banks and financial institutions have layoffs, as the investment bank boss Goldman also seems to advance into the cold winter. In September 23rd, Reuters quoted informed sources said Goldman to be in Asia outside Japan abolished nearly 30% investment banking jobs. This means that about 300 jobs will be about 90 unemployed. The source said that most of Goldman Sachs layoffs may come from the mainland and Hongkong, Singapore’s Goldman Sachs office in Asia, spread to mergers and acquisitions, stock and bond market trading bankers. A Goldman spokesman declined to comment on the Reuters news. At Goldman, this year’s performance, this message is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. Reuters data show that this year, Goldman Sachs Asia Pacific M & A transactions related to the total value of $572 billion 900 million, down by 23%. U.S. investment banking stocks suffered heavy losses this year. The interface of news reports, according to a recent report from the investment bank software and data customization service providers Dealogic, IPO due to the sluggish performance of the market, plus plenty of cheap money available for business use, the investment bank acquired from the U.S. market shares the cost of business income is only $3 billion 700 million. This includes the income of IPO transactions, as well as the listing of the company’s shares and convertible bonds issued by the proceeds, a record low since 1995. Goldman had because bond trading is weaker, has resorted to layoffs, investment in science and technology and slashed spending measures. Earlier, according to Reuters quoted Bloomberg reported that as part of the annual staff review, Goldman Sachs in March each year about 5% employees routinely cut to accommodate new employees. So far this year, Goldman Sachs has laid off more than 400 people, mainly in the securities sector traders and sales staff. Stakeholders said the huge layoffs". Wall Street investment bank layoffs have emerged since the end of last year. In December last year, Morgan Stanley said it would spend $150 million in the fourth quarter of severance payments to reduce the workforce, the global layoffs of about 1200 people, including about $470 in front desk staff fixed income positions. In January this year, foreign media reported on Credit Suisse in London up to 1800 employees warning of cuts; 2 at the end of the media was informed that the American investment banking department executives a few weeks ago received a notice to make layoffs arrangements at the end of 2 a week and was asked to expand the scale of layoffs; in March, Japan’s largest investment bank Nomura will there are 20% layoffs in North America, the Merrill Lynch will cut more than 5% traders came news in September last year, Merrill Lynch has laid off 200 people in trading and investment banking. Goldman shares fell more than 1% on Friday. Goldman Sachs shares fell 8% this year, the same period, the S & P 500 rose by 6%, the S & P 500 banking index fell more than 6%. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: