Hung Xin Internet direct marketing system to complete the basic layout of the development of new spa yo te amo

Hongxin Internet direct sales system basically completed more layout and development of new space – Beijing, Beijing, September 21, three new board innovation enterprise Hongxin interconnection (835574.OC) in the first half of brisk performance, net profit growth of up to 46 times by the whole capital market attention. It is understood that the company has achieved many Hongxin interconnection layout, the current scope of business has been radiating north, East and southwest China, northwest Southern China, five regions, with the force of business model innovation, more advantages will open a new pre layout space for the development of the company. Semi annual report released by the Internet after Hongxin, during the reporting period the company achieved operating income of about 268 million yuan, up 75.42% over the previous year; net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company is about 15 million 70 thousand and 300 yuan, an increase of up to 4567.19%. The reason for the growth performance of the company, Hong Xin pointed out that Internet, relying on the current technology and business based, active and innovative business models, through the means of management and incentive mechanism and implement innovation mode, fully stimulate the vitality team and the company, the company’s sustained growth performance, so as to drive the market growth. Hongxin Internet has set up a number of provinces and cities in the investment business team, sales model is divided into direct sales model and distribution model. The direct model through the laying of 31 provinces signed the annual strategic marketing team, the contract and open up new markets in two ways, the project team of the company directly butt on real estate, general contractors, enterprises and construction units; distribution pattern of recruitment sales agents nationwide, sales of the single rebate mechanism, bring more engineering project information for the company, the project signed by the company implementation. With the north, East, southwest, northwest, Southern China five regional business development, the company marketing system has been basically completed the layout, sales mode is gradually mature, the rapid growth of sales, the rapid increase in the company’s post revenue can be expected. Since 2016, Hongxin Internet promote the construction mode of project manager system, the project manager is responsible for the overall project schedule, quality and cost, the company supervision department is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the construction process, and will be responsible for the project construction data feedback to HR departments responsible for performance appraisal, thus obtained the very big improvement in cost control.相关的主题文章: