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Marriage-Wedding As soon as we set our wedding date, I got busy with my planning and shopping for everything I needed. Im a dedicated online shopper and so, of course, thats the first place I went to find what I needed. Im glad I did too, with all they had to offer there was no problem finding everything I needed to plan the perfect wedding and reception. From invitations to fantastic wedding favors gifts for our guests, they had it all. We had no problem choosing the theme we wanted for our wedding and reception, it had to be a beach theme. Weve always lived near the water, even as kids and it has been a favorite place of ours and our friends for years. So the first thing I did was to order the beach themed wedding invitations and get them in the mail as soon as possible. There were no nos in the RSVPS, and they all seemed to be really looking forward to our wedding day. With that out of the way it was time to start looking for all of my bridal accessories I would need. Even though I shop online all the time, I never expected to find such a big selection of wedding accessories. I ordered the most beautiful tiara and hair .b from there. The wedding jewelry I found was just as gorgeous as the hair accessories I chose. I ordered a beautiful necklace and earring set that looked absolutely fantastic with my gown. The pearls and crystals on the necklace set really added to the elegance of my wedding dress. Great selection of bridal fashion supplies and the low cost really made this shopping worth while. I ordered some things for our honeymoon too. Even though we were getting married on the beach, I insisted on a floor length wedding dress. My bridesmaids and flower girl wore knee length satin dresses with spaghetti straps to help keep them cool and .fortable. Everyone of them looked stunning and my flower girl was so adorable. There were torches around the reception area and the dance floor was lit up with little white lights we had strung around. The reception tables had been decorated in an oceanside motif and the little sailboat place card holders was a great addition. I didnt want to give our guests some useless wedding favor that would be stuck in a drawer and f.otten, so we gave them beach themed picture frames as thank you gifts. I think the picture frames I chose were to their liking. On the bride and groom table were our toasting flutes, lovely candles in their beach theme holders and lots of lovely tealights. All the supplies and accessories for our wedding reception was decorated in an oceanside motif, and so was our cake topper. We had a cake topper of a young couple holding each other as they walked along the beach. With all the items and bridal accessories they had available, it was easy to make this wedding and reception a total success. There was so much seafood, such as lobsters, crabs and shrimp and we also had plenty of chicken and steaks for the non seafood eaters. Everyone danced, ate and just had a fantastic time. I kinda hated to leave the party for our honeymoon, everyone was having such a great time. The first thing I had to do when we came home from our honeymoon was get out my wedding guest book I bought online and make out all the thank you notes for the people that shared our wedding day with us. My beach themed picture album has all the memories within its beautiful covers for me to enjoy anytime I want to look back on our special beach wedding and reception. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: