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"Tell me the world" Jiang Shuying win: accept yourself – people.com.cn entertainment channel, people.com.cn original title is not perfect: Jiang Shuying accept not perfect myself last night, in the Jiangsu TV reality show celebrity speech "tell my world" in the finals, Jiang Shuying dark horse laughs last become the history of television on Chinese the first celebrity speech contest. Jiang Shuying guest house, tells the story behind the champion. She said she had been extremely self-confident, had social phobia. Leave Hu Ge, experiencing emotional setback Jiang Shuying became more and more open-minded and strong. To find the other half, she said that does not exclude the actor, feeling is not set for feeling restrictions and fetters. Enjoy the feeling and mood to win the exclamatory speech from "tell my world" Zhou Guanjun, to the championship final, Jiang Shuying this dark horse is a black in the end, she admitted that she was surprised. "When I won the championship, it was very unexpected. I think it might be related to mr.. It is an experience to be able to come to the bird’s nest, because not every actor has a chance to tell his story in the bird’s nest. It’s a special experience for me. As I travel to a place, I enjoy my feelings and moods." Jiang Shuying admits that he used to listen to, but I’m not very good at expressing. The first time I received an invitation to the program group is more tangled, because I am not particularly strong in the expression of the language, so a little worried, the pressure will be relatively large. After the first tension, the second speech calmed down a lot". Memories of pain experience from social phobia and has good to reveal Jiang Shuying in his own life, is a relatively inferior, sensitive, easy to see many things in the dark side, and even a "social phobia". When more extreme, she met dislike or do not recognize things, even strike violently like the female man, "I do not know how to communicate with others, so he had to be tough to ask others to follow their own. At that time I felt that the whole world was against me, and my life became lonely, helpless and indifferent. Fear of making mistakes, fear of communication, but the more the fear and fear, the more can not do, I fell into a vicious circle." These are due to Jiang Shuying confessed their inner self. For example, the university stage appeared in a TV series, "the filming, I don’t know a word of light teacher: what do you mean? What is the meaning of the director’s eyes? Is not I do not play well? These feelings will be magnified by me, and then into inferiority, but also more confident. Some people say that I am fat, then I do not eat in the summer, wrapped in plastic wrap around the body, pulling his father to run. In the end, I smell the flavor of the meat." Jiang Shuying became more and more aware of their own problems, as we must do, "" good "for a while before Mr. crew went to sing the celebration. In fact, I sing is not very good, I was most afraid of acting teacher Honglei Sun. I didn’t dare to say anything before. But that time I sang, and taught the sun. The director said my biggest change was confidence. )相关的主题文章: