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If her drink? This helped Taiwanese want to teach you the wine drinking not drunk wine – the Sohu of science and technology in the past few days, her Four LoKo wine maxed out Geek Jun Peng, and Mr. Geek also bought a few cans to try, the result…… A piece of broken sleep, the morning is late, lost 100 yuan attendance award, not happy…… Four LoKo Geek – her wine King spent 100 yuan to the price we advise you not to drink her wine! Her wine is essentially a high alcohol content in fruit wine, contains caffeine, taurine, guarana extract and other chemical substances is exciting, most people drink really easy to hold. Although her wine is not what good stuff, but drink a few cups of low alcohol natural fruit wine is a good choice. Of course, wine is a learning, how to brew a good wine at home and healthy fruit wine? A group of young people from Taiwan helped Geek to answer the question perfectly. Who can use the intelligent wine bottle in 2014, Linklt development board for this love to drink Taiwan lad using MediaTek, making intelligent wine bottle of Alchema prototype, and won the Taiwan national Ministry of economy communication contest awards. After two years of grinding, with the help of the HAX accelerator, the latest Alchema smart wine bottles on the Kickstarter congregation raised, less than a month, it raised $300 thousand. The Alchema in Kickstarter intelligent wine bottle eye-catching performance! Sum up the reasons for the success of Alchema intelligent wine bottles, Geek Jun think there are only two words: simple! Only a few simple steps: open the wine bottle of wine can be successful, adding raw materials, added yeast, pour the wine brewing wine – super simple is a technology live, only the experience and skills of the winemaker, to the wine, but for ordinary people, can make wine is a problem. In order to improve the success rate of wine, the Alchema team did a lot of effort, as the company CMO Su Baicheng said: (with Alchema intelligent wine bottle of wine) will not fail, only good drink problem. The Alchema Alchema App in supporting the founding team, more than ten kinds of winemaker custom wine spectrum provide either wine, you love, you can find the right taste in which sterile environment is when wine is a crucial step, close the cap, the built-in medical grade UV-C LED light will automatically sterilization. Ensure the wine: Wine bottle fungus environment has not built a variety of sensors, in addition, water, fruit sugar and other raw materials, App will show in detail the precise data of each raw material: Alchema also provides community相关的主题文章: