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IMAX VR viewing experience: visual effects shocking details need to improve Tencent digital hearing (Gao Xiang) virtual reality technology concern, more and more manufacturers have begun to actively enter the market, such as StarVR. The company with Acer, during the IFA 2106 exhibited on the hardware. It is worth mentioning that the key selling point of StarVR is to cooperate with the United States IMAX, support the so-called "IMAX VR" technology, is expected to be set up in order to experience centers in the United States Losangeles, London, New York city and Shanghai city Chinese. Then, the virtual reality IMAX viewing experience differently? Together to understand. StarVR head: design and wear of StarVR wearing the design slightly weird, it is not a Oculus Rift or HTC Vive and other graphic design mainstream products like that, but very big triangle, perhaps this is in order to meet the IMAX effect. Although it looks slightly larger, but the weight of the head is still very light, only 380 grams, and StarVR said it is still in the prototype stage, the future will continue to improve. IMAX VR experience StarVR proposed standards, no doubt more cool than the general VR head. First of all, its perspective reached 210 degrees, vertical degree of 100, this figure is almost the standard of the, so the so-called "IMAX VR" is not bragging. Of course, the resolution is thus increased to 5120*1440 pixels (the sum of two screens), very amazing. On the other hand, the head movement tracking effect of StarVR head is also very good. As for the 3D audio effects, a little noisy in the demo. StarVR in the selection of a film at the Cannes Film Festival last year, the virtual reality film Cockatoo Spritz, the effect is still very amazing. IMAX VR has a very broad perspective, intuitive experience than the theater in the IMAX and non IMAX greater differences. However, wide angle of view has also brought the negative effect is little, wide angle of view may bring some sense of vertigo in the fast competition conversion, Tomsguide’s editor said he did not independently seize the knee in perspective, this is the need to improve the problem of StarVR. IMAX VR viewing experience: the visual shock effect in addition, StarVR is also actively with Lionsgate film company, to bring "rapid kill" (John Wick) "and" a dead-alive person movie resources etc.. Of course, these resources need to be fully IMAX. Summary for the time being, the biggest selling point of StarVR is undoubtedly a super wide field of vision, with IMAX VR content, it can give people a sense of shock from the sensory shock. However, the cooperation with Acer in the hardware aspects of the need to continue to improve, and want to get a better development, the ecosystem needs to be constantly improved, including more movies and games company resources. Source: wareable, tomsguide boring life? Concerned about the number of Tencent WeChat official number (ID)!相关的主题文章: