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UnCategorized A great way of finding the size for your sailing gloves is to check your shirt size. If you wear a large in shirts, your glove size will also normally be a large. There are many types of sailing gloves available in varying colors and designs. Here are a few of the most popular sailing gloves on the Internet. The Gill Deckhand Glove with short fingers or fingers are top of the line gloves made for sailing professionally as well as wind surfing and water skiing. These gloves offer a contoured hand fit for ideal .fort, high durability and the most protection available. These gloves are made from synthetic leather called Amara, which repels and holds much less water than natural leather. They are known to stretch much less and dry faster than leather, as well as drying without hardening or getting stiff like actual leather. A wrap around reinforcement on the palm and fingers offers less chance of tear in these areas. A spandex back with inner Velcro wrist enclosures helps to prevent the starting of your sailing watch as well. The Henri Lloyd Stealth Pro Glove L/F Carbon series are ideal for sailors with any experience. The Amara double layer synthetic leather on the rear, fingers and palm of the glove allow for strength and protection from ropes with a fast drying mesh on the back of the hand for stretching. The Kevlar thread used in construction of these gloves offers more durability than the average glove details, and the elastic wrist enclosure has touch and close fastening for one-handed use. The quick drying synthetic leather helps with reinforcement of areas where other gloves fail such as seams and the palm, and offers the ultimate in protection against the weather and rope burns. These gloves can be found through multiple retailers for differing costs. The Slam Luff performance gloves are made of 100 percent leather inside and out. These gloves are waterproof and offer warmth in cool waters and winds as well as great breathability. Available in multiple colors and designs, these gloves are ideal for any person on a yacht or boat for protection. These gloves can be found through multiple sites for varying costs. Zhik Sailing Gloves are the highest in evolution for the sailing glove industry. These gloves are made of a durable, fine wrinkle latex with a liner. The rubber coating on the outside of the gloves offers you a durability and light weight that many other gloves do not offer. This is imperative for better dexterity and sensitivity of grip. These gloves can be found through many online sites for a range of different prices. The Harken Trimmer Gloves are a steal when it .es to the offered price on many sites when looking at durability, options and materials of others like them. These full finger gloves are ideal for those that need protection while dealing with high load lines. These offer reinforced fingertips, the Black Magic palm material that gives protection against scrapes and cuts as well as the wrap fit construction to keep seams away from wear points in the glove. Made of neoprene, these gloves can be found for varying costs on multiple sites. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: