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In 2015 China experts said the total fertility rate was 1.047 lower Out of the Blue original title: 2015 Chinese experts say the total fertility rate was 1.047 lower Out of the Blue published October "China statistical yearbook 2016" published in 2015 one percent national census results: in 2015, women of childbearing age Chinese total fertility rate is only 1.047. Many demographers said in an interview with reporters, first financial, even considering the negative factors, the data is still very low Out of the Blue. Moreover, this data is less than half of the population replacement level of 2.1. According to the national census Ordinance, the census every ten years, a census of the population between the 1% census conducted a survey of the industry, known as the "small Census" of the census of the people of the world, the census of the two census". In 2015, about 5 million 670 thousand women aged between 15 and 49 were given a random sample, accounting for about 1.55% of the total number of women of childbearing age. These women of childbearing age last year produced a total of 175309 children, including 93 thousand children, a total of 69 thousand and 700 children, more than three children of 12 thousand and 500 people. According to the fertility level of women of childbearing age at different ages, the total fertility rate was 1.047 in 2015. This data was significantly lower than the official claims of about 1.6, so many scholars said the accident. A spokesman for the name of the population expressed shock. He believes that in 2014 after the release of two children alone, many institutions predict the total fertility rate will be improved, but did not expect will continue to decline. The sixth census in 2010 showed that China’s total fertility rate was 1.18. Huang Wenzheng, a demographer, said that in 2015 the total fertility rate of 1.047 was lower than he thought. Last month, Hubei, Yichang Wei Planning Commission to promote the birth of two children after the open letter issued, Huang Wenzheng had been concerned about the local fertility data in Yichang. According to the survey of fertility and fertility in Yichang in August 2015, the total fertility rate in Yichang was only 0.81 in 2015. Huang Wenzheng told the first financial reporter, taking into account Yichang as an area of ultra-low fertility, then the country’s total fertility rate of 1.047 is not particularly surprising. The results of the sample, the low birth rate of a child caused particular concern of demographers. According to the results of sampling, in 2015 a child fertility rate of only 0.556. The unnamed population scholars, Japan’s fertility rate in Tokyo for many years hovering around 1.06, a child fertility hovering around 0.61. From the results of the census, China’s current fertility rate has been lower than that of children in Tokyo, Japan, which should cause a high degree of vigilance of government departments. His analysis, the first child is in line with the family planning policy, so this group of children should not exist false negatives. A child birth rate is so low, not only is the cause of the increased rate of infertility, mainly because of long-term growth, high cost, limited growth of fertility concept changes in people’s overall growth will decline, the low fertility desire and low birth rate on the reality is very rare相关的主题文章: