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What is ugly or beautiful 32 inch wheels car car modified car appreciation – Sohu is the pursuit of individuality, especially the appearance of modification, it is the visual impact, must make you gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. The hub adapted for the overall style of the building is very important, the same car, different wheels can make its style by business change movement, by a low-key becomes fierce. Probably in the middle of the 90s, there has been such a phenomenon in American culture: some very famous hip-hop singers and sports stars, dressed in costumes, with more coarse and more thick gold chains, walking in the streets of Hollywood. They were wrapped in green dollars. And before the inflow of hip-hop, these people obviously more money, they and hotels, a large casino, dressed in super brands, super cars driving. In the eyes of the people, a price of Rolls-Royce has been unable to meet their pursuit of material, so these people specifically looking for a luxury car, super car refit. These people thought very strange, put forward a variety of requirements, only to put the special "ruthless". After many years of evolution has gradually formed a standard: one of the most important is – large tires, of course, must be wide flat tire. Most of the chrome rim Aluminum Alloy made in one word: "dazzle". For these hard goods, presumably everyone has their own views. And I can only say that each person’s aesthetic is different, some people think that the 32 inch wheels too exaggerated, but eggs; and some people feel that the rate of return burst table, fried days. But regardless of appearance, the size of the wheel hub with wide flat tire, sure enough comfort. Coupled with the high body weight, do not expect to control. So we look good, don’t take things too hard.相关的主题文章: