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In the streets and lanes, do a good pillow in Huizhou since the wanton – Sohu tourism has been, for me, an important reason is because they love the home, through the history, and the old time. The old house of those old, clever design through the heart, retention and re presentation, you will feel a kind of warmth and strength through time, leading to the depths of the soul. The same is from the old housing renovation to the streets and lanes, you can feel the warmth of the old time, even there is a surprise. At the foot of Mount Huangshan streets and lanes is a Hui culture themed Boutique Hostel, hidden in the Tunxi street near the surrounding shops, shops eyeful of the shop, out of order, but the wall is a typical Huizhou architecture of streets and lanes plain white walls and black tiles, from the exterior, and the surrounding environment is not completely in tune, contrast it is commendable. When you go after, really can be used to describe the "hidden but beautiful spot.". The lobby has a wall of green dress, then looked up at the roof, a pond, especially love this scenery, see fish swimming in the water, the heart can naturally calm down, is a state of mind, calm the mind, heart, mind. Dynamic or static, a landscape, different flavor, so that the whole space is full of sense of design. Then looked around at a moment, eye was calm style style attraction, Huizhou ink painting occupies a wall, vision, everywhere is the shadow of Huizhou culture, so in the Museum of art, came the scenery are of Huizhou culture sigh. Streets and lanes in pursuit of aesthetic design, every detail of seemingly random, but after careful consideration. To improve space utilization but not cramped. Everywhere the quiet secluded poetic sense, every feeling is a scenery. Create a unique temperament: low-key simple, warm texture. Streets and lanes five floors, 19 rooms, there are eight different styles of Fangxing, scattered in the old house everywhere, sitting on the side of their unique beauty. Room names are derived from the liberation of Tunxi street street name: sole lane, gully bottom, papaya garden cattle… These names are carrying the old history, has a profound historical and cultural connotation, sigh life changes! The room is remarkable in the design, pure Chinese style hotel is often too pedantic and heavy, and improved style joined the modern elements, a fresh, but keep the old original sound, cause emotional resonance, the heart. The room is equipped with high-definition TV, high-grade sanitary, soft and comfortable bed and sofa, duvet, pillow, high density cotton textile gently wrapped, all this carefully prepared are waiting for you to do a good Wanton Huizhou pillow exquisite life. Each room here, you are worthy of careful taste. Rooms reserved for the largest public area, sitting on the side of the aisle lounge overlooking the hall, not the same perspective, but it is not like the heart can not cover up. If the star hotel is a kind of service, so the experience is a kind of feelings. This feeling comes from the hostel owner. Streets and lanes was a couple in the street by 6相关的主题文章: