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In the three quarter, the national team funds are accounted for the proportion of the manufacturing sector in the first We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: the three quarter of the "national team" funds are profit manufacturing accounted for the top three quarter configuration of the "national team" funds are profit allocation accounts for manufacturing industry ranks first in – trainee newspaper reporter Du Yumeng with the fund three quarterly report disclosure, 5 "national team" fund the latest trends also surfaced. It is worth noting that, at the end of the third quarter, only 5 of the "national team" fund positions and all of the profits, the second quarter was essentially flat, manufacturing and financial industry is still the "national team" the most popular industry fund. The so-called national team fund refers to the July last year, the company invested 200 billion yuan to subscribe to the fund’s public offering of 5 yuan, mainly for the establishment of stable stock index. 5 of the funds raised were China new economy, yifangda Rui Hui, Castrol new opportunities, consumption and investment activity in southern Fengqing A. "Securities Daily" reporter according flush database statistics found that, as of September 30th, the "national team" 5 funds in total return within 3 months were all positive, among them, the China new economic performance best, the third quarter of the total rate of return is 5.8%, yifangda Rui Hui followed, the total rate of return is 5.5%, China Merchants Feng a hybrid A, Castrol new opportunities, southern consumer activity yields were 4.14%, 2.58% and 2.1%. From the profit point of view, China’s new economy in the third quarter profit reached $1 billion 854 million in the first place. Yifangda Rui Hui, Castrol new opportunities and South consumption activity and Fengqing investment A profit was 966 million yuan, 891 million yuan, 804 million yuan and 688 million yuan. From the position of the disclosure has been revealed, the manufacturing sector and the financial sector is still the preferred configuration of the national team fund. Castrol new opportunities, new economy, China Southern consumption activity, yifangda Rui Hui merchants, Fengqing mixed A manufacturing positions accounted for 34.24%, 30.23%, 17.15%, 10.49%, 7.12%, the market capitalization accounted for both the first. The position of the financial sector is also relatively high proportion of China’s new economy, the financial sector in the south of the consumer activity accounted for 18.72% and 14.7%, the industry accounted for more than second of the configuration. Note that, although the Shanghai Composite Index in October has risen 3.58%, but yifangda Ruihui and investment Fengqing A but in the same period rose 4.67% and 4.55%, and the other 3 funds over the same period also rose about 3%. The consumption activity fell sharply in the first quarter pointed out that the full release of risk after the second quarter, the third quarter of A-share market as A whole slow rise, the risk-free interest rate down again to further strengthen the asset conversion logic, the superposition of economic stabilization stage, accelerate the reform push, will help boost investor risk appetite, to reflect equity assets the value of the investment theory相关的主题文章: