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Internet giant cloud strategy: cloud computing, or cloud services? Sohu technology almost no Internet giant cloud is willing to give up the cake, after Ali, Tencent, Baidu, has been low-key known NetEase, also announced its own scene of cloud computing strategy long ago. In the C side of the market to create a myth of the Internet players who are now fully into the enterprise market. Of course, this phenomenon is not only exist in the Chinese market, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and other long admission, and the market share surpassed IBM, Oracle, CISCO and other B from the end of the market to the cloud computing game player. At the same time, the three major domestic carriers, such as HUAWEI, the wave of cloud computing Ali cloud in the market look at fiercely as a tiger does, although showing a dominant trend for later internet firms, a problem that must be considered is that doing cloud computing, or cloud services? The critical point of cloud computing? There are still doubts about the concept of cloud computing and cloud services, the author had explained in an earlier article. In simple terms, cloud computing refers to a technical architecture, and IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and other cloud services. Including Barron’s, including the media have predicted that 2016 will be the year of the outbreak of cloud computing, each growth data have also confirmed this statement. May be of little concern is that when the Almighty cloud computing appears in front of corporate customers, most of the performance is actually hesitant. From the traditional IT migration to the cloud case is not hard to find, at least in the domestic financial market will have ants gold clothing, Tian Hong fund, peer-to-peer lending should believe, raise public network, Zhong An insurance such as a public product. However, according to RightScale survey data in 2015 showed that although 88% of companies use the public cloud, but only about 68% of enterprises in the cloud run less than 1/5 of enterprise applications. In the country, more than 70% of the enterprise management system will be hosted on a proprietary cloud, only about 1/4 of companies choose to carry the core business system on the proprietary cloud. What is the reason? The most direct answer may be some companies still have doubts about the security of cloud computing, but also a new challenge for existing security managers. But Adobe chief financial officer Mark Garrett said in an interview with McKinsey’s words, from another aspect that most companies hesitate to "cause cloud", that is the cost problem. Although Adobe after the transformation of cloud technology, the company’s share price more than 3 times the original, the total revenue growth from the previous year’s single digit increase to the current figure of two, has ushered in a new life in the new year, the company’s share price has risen by more than half the number of people in the world. Mark Garrett bluntly in determining whether the cloud in the company caused a lot of controversy. Especially for many small and medium-sized companies, IT investment there is often a lot of hidden costs or the cost of the iceberg, such as the original IT architecture is not suitable to move into the cloud and data format can not be adapted to cloud and so on, resulting in the increase of manpower, training, development cost. In fact, the current willingness to promote cloud computing concept is to provide IaaS services vendors, that is, s相关的主题文章: