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| inventory of the 19 companies, the California unmanned licence "regular army" – Sohu technology geeks Park micro signal: geekpark editor’s note: again about unmanned unmanned topic, we as readers and resorted to the article, if you have read, but if not, may wish to revisit this; article can let you walk in on the current unmanned technology cutting-edge companies have some understanding. Seemingly overnight, the traditional car manufacturers and new cars have joined forces unmanned "army", Internet Co, downstream chip manufacturer resources to start more unmanned tilt technology. Although the concept continues to bring forth new ideas, but also need to go through the landing of unmanned vehicles to go through a long road measurement process, which is not open around the road regulatory regulations. For unmanned vehicles, the United States is California area, more open and friendly – California is the world’s first unmanned autonomous regulations driving state, the new bill passed not long ago also allows the driver, not equipped with steering wheel driverless cars tested in particular on public roads. As of October 24th, the California Vehicle Administration (DMV) has issued 19 driverless car test license, which basically covers the moment to walk in the forefront of unmanned technology company. It is worth mentioning that, at present there are two China company received the license from Baidu: DMV approved in early September, the car also recently won the license test. The full list is as follows: let’s start with this list to see what the 19 companies are doing and what’s different. Public: let the car and traffic lights "communication" in the popular sub brand, Audi in the field of unmanned performance to be more active. Audi’s driverless test vehicle based on A7 (Jack). In fact, at the 2013 CES show, Audi demonstrated a car can be automatically parked A7; in early 2015, Audi’s test car is also completed in the United States 900 km open road test. Before I had the opportunity to personally experience a "get along" with Jack, experienced half an hour of autopilot, and I began to miss the steering wheel. In addition to painting, this Audi A7 looks and ordinary models are not much different, but it is built with 6 radars, 3 cameras and 2 laser radar (LiDAR). ZFAS (central driving assist control system) is the whole car’s "brain", used to deal with a variety of sensor feedback data. With the decrease of the volume of zFAS, the driverless car trunk will not be "stuffed" computer. Photograph: Wired additionally, Audi is developing vehicle to infrastructure (V2I, Vehicle-to-Infrastructure) technology that allows cars and traffic相关的主题文章: