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[inventory] the history of the strongest 11 saves the top 3 hanging guards watching classic ancient goalkeeper Banks "century fighting" zero closure Bailey recently, the British media inventory of football history best of 11 brilliant saves, including Schmeichel, Seaman and Banks, a number of door god classics on the list the famous, a look back on the 11 fantastic saves (the top 11 with the best save video, watching a video while reading allusions more interesting). He dived eleventh Reina, 2006 England FA Cup final, Liverpool (data) by coach Jose Benitez when he was picked for West Ham goalkeeper 3-3 Reina began the Premier League in the 2005-06 season, the team replaced Istanbul hero, Poland goalkeeper Dudek. The former goalkeeper Benitez was praised as "the Villarreal of Spain’s best goalkeeper, but in that season’s FA Cup semi-final against Chelsea (data) game attack errors let Chelsea team Drogba scored 1 goals in the Wembley final against West Ham, ray Naxian let Aston get rid of his score Benayoun shot, the second half of the face of Konchesky pilling may kick like shooting, Reina again appeared obvious mistakes, the ball directly from his head flew into the goal, a moment to let the Liverpool team into the impasse. However, after Reina’s. In extra time remaining at the end of the 2 minutes, the score remained at 3-3, very brave to rush out Reina Rio Kirk top of the ball leaves the school door, to help the Liverpool team escaped. Considering the background of the game, I will be the best fighting that Reina for their own occupation career fighting. Subsequently, the game into the penalty shootout, the final victory in Liverpool, the seventh time to lift the FA Cup trophy. Tenth 1995 – Tim Flowers, the Premier League, Blackburn 1-0 Newcastle United when the Blackburn team must win this game, to ensure that in the Manchester United to the Premier League title race to control their own destiny. Before the game, when Manchester United coach Ferguson launched a psychological offensive, he was on the coach of the coach of the team, if there is sufficient control of the completion of the task, said the suspect Dalgliesh. Blackburn’s main goalkeeper, Flowers, sees the question of Mr Ferguson as a humiliation, and he chooses to fight back in a man’s way. In the first half before the end of the game, Flowers had strong long-range Beardsley asked the beam, keep a clean sheet, drew cheers of the audience of fans. After the game, in an interview, Flowers said: do not talk to me about control. We are all good players and we will fight until the last possible moment. We can be proud to say that we have given everything we can today, and throughout the season, it is 100% of the control." Neuer against Arsenal at the ninth Neuer dedication to God, the 2015 Champions League, Arsenal 2-0 Bayern Munich Arsenal occupy an absolute advantage in the first half of the match, but Neuer is standing in a wall in front of the goal as Bayern guardian)相关的主题文章: