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IPhone 7 comes with a headset can not wire? Apple said the Tencent immediately repair digital news (Zhong Wenze) iPhone 7 series since last week official worldwide open sales, gained high market feedback, users have high enthusiasm for the new bright black and double lens. But recently, including screen yellow, mobile phone internal current sound, the position of the camera and a series of serious heating problems, it is to buy iPhone as the first batch of consumers poured a pot of cold water. It’s not finished, and the emergence of a large number of recent Internet users feedback, lightning interface EarPods iPhone headset series 7 included not normal use of remote control function. Apple has issued a statement, saying that the user complained that the problem does exist, and has begun to solve. To engage in a iPhone 7 starting the evaluation by the hardware counter according to a large number of social media feedback, the new Lightning EarPods interface headset on the part of iPhone 7 can not use the remote control function, many users reflect, as long as a few minutes without using the button on the headset, the headset comprises a volume adjusting button, the call will fail. And after the phone, although the audio can continue to output, the microphone can work, but the user can not adjust the volume of the button on the headset, hang up the phone, or enable voice assistant Siri. In this year’s iPhone 7, apple bold removed 3.5mm headset interface, instead using the Lightning interface headset, Apple’s senior vice president of global marketing, Phil Schiller also said that the 3.5mm headset interface takes a lot of courage to cancel. Apple 3.5mm by removing the headset interface, iPhone internal freeing up more space, thus joined the vibration motor more advanced Taptic Engine, a large capacity battery, camera module and better performance, at the same time, remove the 3.5mm headset interface also helps the new iPhone can reach better waterproof effect.相关的主题文章: