Iphone7 orders decreased by 15% iphone6s Apple supplier relationship tensions-tamiflu

IPhone7 order an iPhone6s reduced relationship between 15% Apple suppliers and nervous – reporter Ma Yan apple and its suppliers have never like this so nervous. It is said that this year, apple iPhone 7 Plus in the procurement of spare parts, requiring Taiwan, China suppliers will be reduced to about $20%, was a supplier of resistance. According to reports, Apple hopes the company’s downstream suppliers as far as possible to reduce the iPhone 7 parts price (price 20%, Apple hopes up) despite the orders of the apple iPhone 7 may be lower than a year earlier. According to IHS Technology China Research Director Wang Yang told the Securities Daily reporters, according to their statistics, this year’s iPhone 7 orders iPhone 6S decreased by about. Apple supply chain supplier boycott was bargain for Apple knife bargain, ASE (ASE) and Foxconn group several associates has been given a clear answer, said it could not accept Apple’s orders without reasonable profit under the. Ase in recent years business is growing steadily, and the company by merging with SPIL, and expand the customer base and optimize its advanced assembly technology, which means that after the acquisition of the Sharp Co Hon Hai, the world’s largest generation business have more bargaining power, will not sacrifice their own profits to "please" apple. Progress of iPhone 7 and a half pull goods stocking, growth performance of Foxconn, Pegatron and other apple stocks, and affect Taiwan’s export orders, export and economic prospects. The industry worried that apple to ensure profit growth, again on the supply chain’s growth performance is brandished a knife, fear will disrupt the electronics industry in the traditional peak season. According to media reports, Apple’s supply chain bargain kill red eye, resulting in a key component part of the ship deferred and adjustment, drag iPhone 7 new machine assembly schedule, the overall volume time is deferred, before the end of this year, iPhone 7 shipments facing low bid battle, estimated to about 71 million to 72 million, higher than previously expected standard a large reduction of more than 6 million, a reduction of about 7%. It is understood that Apple has been relying on its own position and the size of the order of the industry, the price of parts suppliers to a pressure to their satisfaction. Insiders said that the sales of Apple products began to bargain with the brand has a lot of decline, lack of sales to maintain high profit margins to make up with. As of June 25th this year, Apple’s third quarter revenue of $42 billion 358 million, $49 billion 605 million less than the previous year; a net profit of $7 billion 796 million, $10 billion 677 million over the same period last year fell 27%. Market rumors, Apple was on the supply chain to bargain 30%, but in fact is not a place, this season came to negotiate the target of at least 5%, to complement the previous fall. The outside call, TSMC, Foxconn, Largan, Zhending, Taiwan County, Xin xing.相关的主题文章: