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Jane Zhang responded: do not use anti marriage mother mother’s emotional – Sohu news Jane Zhang (information) Sohu entertainment news yesterday the media exposed Jane Zhang and Feng Ke early next month in Italy wedding news, today morning star published an exclusive exploration of Jane Zhang’s mother issued a public letter to the "open letter", so the entertainment completely exploded, it also let Jane Zhang mother Ms. Zhang Guiying boarded the hot search list first. October 9th afternoon, Jane Zhang issued a document to respond to the matter. Jane Zhang said there is no question of principle between himself and Feng Ke, I hope you don’t guess, at present in their own property management, the family will take care and communication, will not trouble you, I hope you believe her. Jane Zhang: first, I talked to Feng Ke over the past decade, do not meet the day not more than ten days, there is no principle problem, please don’t suspect; second, since the mother said this concern, I already own property management; third, the house is very early to buy it, not so much time deposits, so the loan for thirty years, the house is automatically bound bank card loan, their monthly on the transfer, plus has been busy, just ignore it, but also in the mother after two years ago also made clear; fourth, our career in Beijing has been working hard together today, to support each other, no one who shares change key, what was investment proposal, which I have confirmed, but the current equity has to change Many more, will also change the structure of the company to continue to demand for change; fifth, my mother is a simple person, please don’t use her emotions, she does not understand public opinion harm, also do not understand the consequences. I can face anything, can bear, but for so many years to keep her away from the circle, is not want her involved in any harm. I can understand her love for my heart, will continue to patiently explain to her, as I have been doing the past two years. I can understand the gap between two generations, but I will patiently explain, but not blindly. I’m not a fool, I have the direction I want. Not wait until the old have a lot of money deposits, there are a few houses, there is a sense of security. But before I die, can do what I want to do, my life value reflected. If I accomplish nothing, holding the gold and silver mines will not have a sense of security. I talked to all the bad assumptions about my mom, just to let her know that the worst is the case. What’s more, the bad ones are just my hypothesis. I have a judgment because I have faith. My family, I will deal with and communicate, do not bother everyone. Thank!相关的主题文章: