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Japan started again "- Okinawa Amami inscription China expressed concern about the Sohu news in 2013, Japan’s Okinawa Prefecture Ishigaki city to the Japanese government put forward China’s Diaoyu Islands included in the Amami Japan intends to apply for" Okinawa? "World natural heritage project is packaged and ready for the inscription inscription, through the investigation of the Diaoyu islands. The reason is that the Diaoyu Islands has a unique ecosystem with rich biodiversity, is one of the world’s two albatrosses only habitat of endangered species, can be included in the world heritage. When the Ishigaki city mayor Nakayama Yoshita is deep to the inscription: "if you declare in no uncertain terms are included in the list of the world natural heritage, recognized by international institutions, so the Senkaku Islands are Japanese territory that will become more clear." In this regard, the Chinese government has repeatedly made representations, and by the permanent mission of UNESCO, the Diaoyu Islands are China’s inherent territory, Japan has no right to apply for world heritage. According to the "Convention on the protection of the world cultural and natural heritage" (hereinafter referred to as the "World Heritage Convention") regulations, the parties may determine and divide the territory of the cultural and natural property, take positive and effective measures for the protection and preservation of the natural and cultural heritage. The World Heritage Convention also stipulates that the inclusion of a property in the "World Heritage List" requires the consent of the state. When a number of countries have made a claim on the sovereignty or jurisdiction of a territory, one of the property in the territory shall not be entitled to the rights of the parties to the dispute". This act of Japan, in principle, simply untenable. In addition to the inscription, Japan on the Diaoyu Islands this means also includes Shintaro Ishihara declared "buy island", the government of Japan on the Diaoyu Islands, the implementation of the so-called "nationalization" and so on, these have been strong and effective against the government and the people of China. In addition, according to earlier media reports, in April 14, 2015, Japan Okinawa county magistrate Naga Oshi along with the Japan International Trade Promotion Association Kawano Yohei led a delegation to China, according to the members of the delegation Fang Dehui said, Naga Oshi and China Premier Li Keqiang talk about 10 minutes, 7 minutes is about the history of the Ryukyu and Chinese, 3 minutes on economic cooperation Naga Oshi, hope that Okinawa can interact with the Fujian free trade zone to build its own free trade area, a China "The Belt and Road express". Naga Oshi’s visit to China by domestic and foreign media attention, Japan’s Asahi news that, before Naga Oshi’s visit is due to the U.S. transfer to the Futenma base and the Japanese government confrontation, visit China in this case, he must keep the tension, lest cause the "pro China" impression. BBC Chinese network believes, Okinawa economic and trade Weng long mentioned in the Ryukyu Kingdom period and China history in his speech, visible "visit to China is to seek to expand economic and trade exchanges, or otherwise motivated, very subtle." In June this year, former Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio in an interview with Phoenix News, U.S. troops stationed in Japan in the Marines in Okinawa did not form a deterrent to China, but Andouble’s Government instigated China threat, Okinawa people understand. He believes that Okinawa wants to be friends with china.相关的主题文章: