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Japanese media: Chinese is space power data figure: Chinese worthy of the name of self-developed heavy carrier rocket Long March five, by the Hainan Wenchang successfully launch five HD photos long march rocket launch space tearful applause to celebrate Japanese Hbol website on November 8th article, the original question: how to China Aerospace Power? What strategy should Japan take? As previously reported, Chinese Tiangong two and Shenzhou eleven successfully docked in September this year and October launch, two astronauts have stranded in space. China plans to launch a large space station in 2018 and plans to launch a manned flight to the moon and mars. China’s space development is not limited to this. China has been very active in recent years in almost all aspects of rocket research, satellite exports and space science. China has become a veritable space power, and gradually become Asia’s largest space development polar coordinates". China has been using the long march series launch vehicle as the launch mission. Up to now, a total of 200 times, the success rate and reliability are maintained at a high level. It should be noted that China has independently developed rocket engines since 1998, and was successful in 2012. As China is becoming more and more mature, it is not impossible to create the largest rocket in the history of mankind. In the 90s of last century, China made use of the long march series of launch vehicles to launch satellites for other enterprises and institutions, and constantly improved the performance of rockets in failure. Since 2000, China has developed and manufactured artificial satellites for developing countries, launched Long March rockets, and taught satellite applications to these countries. China has also begun to export to developing countries, including the development of outer space, including the "accessories", and successively to Bolivia, Laos and Brazil and other countries export space technology. China has always attached importance to the effectiveness of space development. For example, the launch of communications and broadcasting satellites, earth observation satellites and spy satellites, etc., are directly related to the Chinese government and the public. On the other hand, since the launch of the Shenzhou spacecraft in 2000, China began to launch lunar probe, Mars probe and astronomical satellite. Although not yet achieved significant results, but in the future continue to actively invest in the field of space science and promote international cooperation, then China will achieve great results. The launch of the new rocket launch site, the launch of advanced test satellites, the emergence of a number of domestic space investment companies, China’s space development potential when it will not stop. (Torishima Shinya, Feng bean)相关的主题文章: