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Jiangsu court accepted the "childhood reading Premier Zhou many cultural relics have been demolished" case – Sohu culture channel to create a "prime childhood Antique Street commercial projects, the demolition of old houses already exist for hundreds of years a number of Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, so absurd things will only appear in the literature seems works. But now, it really happened. Legal Daily reporters on October 26th was informed that, at present, which can not be destroyed mobile heritage case, has been Jiangsu City Intermediate People’s Court of the case, and will be held recently in court. It is worth noting that, in this case around Yishun Lane No. 16 ", when sitting in the dock, in addition to the demolition of housing ownership, and Qinghe District Huaian city housing and Urban Construction Bureau, Huaian City Cultural Broadcasting Press Qinghe District, Qinghe District, Huaian City People’s government office. The local cultural relics census was held a ceremony 7 years ago, exactly, is March 18, 2009, the Huaian Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau issued "on the third national cultural relics census, the first city (Qinghe, Qingpu) do not notice the list of" cultural relics. In this notice, will be located in the premier Zhou Enlai childhood reading at the surrounding area of three Yuan Xiang Xia thousand houses, old house, West Long Street in the Qing Dynasty houses, ancestral hall, Siyang mansion, Zhou Cheng Jia Xiang Yi Shun Xiang, residential houses, a total of eight people’s Theatre building is not included in the list of mobile. Before the demolition of Shun Xiang residential location. Legal daily chart on the matter, Huaian City Press and Publication Bureau’s official website, still hanging — then — "I held the third national cultural relics census intransportable cultural relic listing ceremony". The report wrote: "on the morning of May 12, 2009 9, our city located in the canal road Qinghe District No. 4 1000 Xia old bookshop, held the third national cultural relics census, immovable cultural relics ceremony." The focus of the implementation of the listing of five kinds of immovable cultural relics can not be moved to the top 117. For these immovable cultural relics value, the report says: "they are the city’s third national survey of cultural relics in the boutique, is also the witness of city development, the evolution of culture history, has a high historical, artistic and scientific value……" After seven years of at least six cultural relics were dismantled. However, in reality the biggest irony is that only in the past 7 years, six of the eight "immovable cultural relics", it has been demolished in the city to develop a trend which cannot be halted in the tide, to dust. Even, even had held the listing ceremony place — 1000 Xia old house, have not been spared. The damaged outer wall of Yi Shun lane. Chinese green hair will photograph the environmental organization Chinese biodiversity protection and green development fund "(hereinafter referred to as the China green hair will) Deputy Secretary General Ma Yong told the" Legal Daily "reporter, today, the specific time, these precious historical and cultural relics were removed from the removal of subject and approval according to law etc. can make nothing of it. Today, only two "immovable cultural relics" — meaning lane houses and Siyang mansion, also in the property.相关的主题文章: