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Jiangsu man to build the town government invested 8 million kindergarten said first donated 1 million – Sohu news CNR net Huaian on November 8th news (Jiangsu station reporter Yu Shengyang) according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reported that recently, Jiangsu Huaian Lianshui County Mr. Yan to reflect the media, he organized kindergarten in Lianshui County in the town of red kiln the local government was forced to sign, and a hundred yuan "voluntary subscription agreement", not donations can not handle the relevant license. What’s going on here? Mr. Yan is Lianshui County town people, has been doing business in the field. In May 8, 2015, he and the red kiln town government, the town experimental primary school signed a "investment agreement", invested 8 million yuan, the construction of the red kiln kindergarten. After the Spring Festival this year, the project officially started, but when the first floor of the kindergarten cap, unexpected things happen. "When a layer built to be capped, (town) create all sorts of obstacles. I want to shut down, say the land is illegal. Then let me land to the town to talk, he said let me money. At that time signed a voluntary donation agreement." Here, Mr. Yan is very angry. At the time of the signing of the investment agreement, the town government promised to assist in the kindergarten education, civil affairs, land and other procedures. The kindergarten management side of the obligation and no contribution on the terms. Under time pressure, under Mr. Yan helpless, signed a "voluntary" agreement, the amount is 1 million 12 thousand and 500 yuan, is located in the kindergarten are donors Hong Yao Zhen Huang Zhen pan Cun Cun Wei hui. Prior to the donation of 300 thousand yuan, the project construction to continue. In August this year, the construction area of 5600 square meters, can accommodate thousands of young children in kindergarten was completed, but when Mr. Yan took the "social forces approval registration form" to the town government for advice when it is in trouble again. Reporter: This is the investment projects, they do not give you to change this chapter? Ngan: Yes, the mayor said to me, you donate money, I will give you seal. Mr. Yan was told not to put the rest of the 70 yuan donated away, will not be able to seal in the "registration form", the kindergarten can not handle school license, insurance, children and school bus registration workers are unable to handle. At present, the red kiln kindergarten is still in a state without a license. This 1 million 12 thousand and 500 yuan donation is how come? The reporter learned, this is actually an economic dispute between Mr. Yan and pan Zhen Village Kindergarten in rehmannia. In 2010, Mr. Yan not qualified under the circumstances, the construction of the pan Huang Zhen Cun farmers housing renovation project. In the payment of money after the conflict, to Lianshui County People’s court, the two sides until today, for a sum of $1 million 10 thousand is still under dispute. Mr. Yan said, and Never mind between him and Huang Zhen Pan Village Committee of the dispute and undertaking of kindergarten, but the red kiln town government has forced the two things related, this is also the reason for him do not permit the kindergarten. In this regard, Ding Yuanzhong, Secretary of the party secretary of the red kiln town does not deny that he said that because Mr. Yan did not fulfill the previous donation agreement, so there has been no Yan Yan’s social.相关的主题文章: