Ji’nan police suspected of violating the case and then tracking the parties said the case was beaten-stellarium

Ji’nan police on suspicion of illegal handling and tracking: the case said the party was beaten – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Ji’nan on September 15th news (reporter Guan Xin) according to the China voice of "news" reported yesterday, Chinese reported the voice of the Ji’nan Municipal Public Security Bureau of Shandong Province Economic Investigation Detachment alleged contract fraud in the inter provincial investigation together in the case of multiple the attorney refused to meet the suspect, and the existence of illegal bail etc.. And also found in a further interview, the Ji’nan Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment is also suspected of beating suspects. (related: Hebei lawyers suspect repeatedly rejected Shandong Ji’nan police were accused of illegal handling) the alleged contract fraud cases in which a suspect named Wang Hailin, Hebei Qinglong county. In April 19th, Wang Hailin was arrested, and she was arrested along with his wife, Wang Guiying, but after a day, was released by the Ji’nan municipal public security bureau. However, Wang Guiying said she was beaten in the process of being arrested. If Wang Guiying is right, who is beating her? And why beat her? For the case of Ji’nan city public security departments and how to respond? The car has not stopped, down a lot of people, all of us down, put my head on the ground.. So to tear break to the car, to pull the car up.." According to reports, in April 19th, a high-speed service area in Qinglong County, a 55 year old woman and her husband Wang Guiying Qinglong County Wang Hailin, friend of Chang Xiaochun et al was pulled down from the vehicle, then across the more than and 10 people on board quickly they control, sent them to Ji’nan. Wang Guiying said, along the way, she was not treated properly. "Hit me, do not know where to go. They gave me the head of the spray I do not know what to know, spicy and choke, choke to death. Then they went on my body, I do not know what electricity ah, my parents call, hit me, with something pops rang, I can not see what, I have hit many times, I call the play, then I was in a coma, I half woke up. Watering on my head, and then pinch, do not know how many times to play." Wang Guiying told reporters about this experience, her legs are always shaking. Wang Guiying said, a completely different way and in to Ji’nan, the Ji’nan Municipal Public Security Bureau for questioning, she was not without normal treatment. In the interrogation room for a night, but did not play. Is on the road to death, you do not know, a roll in the car, I wish I was dead." On the morning of April 20th, Wang Guiying was released from the Ji’nan Municipal Public Security Bureau, and her friends often have nothing to do with the case, was released together. But Wang Guiying’s husband Wang Hailin did not come back, he alleged contract fraud criminal detention by Ji’nan police, May 26th, prosecutors arrest, detention in the detention center of Ji’nan city. Wang Guiying family to see the situation, to Qinglong County police station, said he was beaten. Qinglong Town police station immediately launched an investigation. Wang Aiguo, deputy director of the hospital met with Wang Guiying. He recalled: "after we got there, Wang Guiying was lying in bed, and he was in a very bad mood..相关的主题文章: