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Jinma triumph mainland film rise?   film quality still need help – media – people.com.cn original title: Golden Horse triumph mainland film rise? "Best picture" for the August movie poster, film director Zhang Dalei’s debut, "August", best director from the mainland called the box office play Feng Xiaogang won Best Actor for mainland famous comedian Wei Fan, and best actress is won by actress Dongyu Zhou, Ma Sichun, the new generation…… The evening of November 26th, when the Taiwan film awards are given such a list of winners of the mainland film market, the film is undoubtedly play a booster. Although the mainland movie still suffered in talent shortage, the industry chain is not perfect, lack of originality and criticism, but in the mainland famous film critic Li Xingwen seems to increase, the movie production, the decline of Taiwan and the Hongkong film, led to the mainland today at the Golden Horse Film gain a complete victory of the situation, the next few years, the situation will also be maintained, and the film quality is still need to make a lesson on the mainland movie. > > background, movie production, in line with the tastes of the total awards in recent years, the rapid development of Chinese film industry, the overall quality level occupies a space for one person in the international market. Before this, Chinese film who gains some international awards, but as the Golden Horse Award this award to seize all the important cases are for the first time. And does this mark the rise of mainland cinema? The film critic Li Xingwen, the "triumph" given such a judgment, "in fact, the present Taiwan movie industry has almost disappeared, the yield is very low, can be a very limited number of films for the Golden Horse Award selection awards, the mainland movie can be said in the production is surging, awesome, every year there will be about seven hundred or eight hundred film production. A large base, which conform with the Golden Horse Award will be more interesting films. In Hongkong and Taiwan, lower productivity, thriving situation, the Golden Horse Award is not surprising." In the opinion of the critic Han Haoyue, the Golden Horse Award results also is not particularly surprising, "this is a very common list of awards, Taiwan film now gradually lose the market in the mainland, and the mainland film in the creation of more diverse, the Golden Horse Award in order to maintain the authority of its own, must also begin to embrace." Hong Kong film market downturn shrinks, has become a trend of "Taiwan Hollywood movies are played splinters, Hongkong film may be due to the Southeast Asian market atrophy." The shrinking of Taiwan films and Hongkong films has become a trend. Li Xingwen believes that even said the Hongkong market "does not exist" too much, "Hongkong has produced 300 movies a year, every year now is the 30 film, but it is an export oriented economy, the market in Southeast Asia, while Taiwan and the Southeast Asian market does not exist, Hongkong movie gradually fading. After the mainland film took off, they caused a lot of centrifugal force. Hongkong film has all the mainland film break up the whole into parts, until now has become the main creator of the mainland box office)相关的主题文章: