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Kuang’s point: Mid Autumn Festival Gold and silver rebounded bottom, gold bottomed out near 1318 at sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Gold and Silver Gold News: after 5 losing streak, ushered in a small test, but short of repair in place, if the upside is 1330, the result can only be deviated from the market again and the Fed rate hike is expected in September, only small talk, the details of the above, the focus to gold is expected to bounce back to top. Today is the Mid Autumn Festival, here I wish you all a happy holiday, the second day without major earning large quantities of gold each day, data released Thursday, the Bank of England will hold a meeting on interest rates, because the British CPI in August and July were flat, the UK is expected to still have space to cut interest rates. There is a small exchange of gold and silver storm surge. Of gold Festival trend chart Jiepan: repeat simple things will not be easy, but the key thing to do exactly, you will gain extraordinary. The price of gold has rebounded yesterday as we expected, pressure 1326 was also tightly pegged to early 1322, 1325 gallon venting operation test, the layout was not perfect, but the idea and rebound pressure absolutely no wrong, unfortunately, the white plate upside Wednesday but nothing else what. Hour chart now sideways continue to impact the highs, this festival, we also consider finding out empty hit, a multi band operation, low altitude, yesterday the empty position is very general, after a profit from the new layout of a warehouse, etc.. This is the golden strategy. Silver trading operation, we should all go home, so the simple analysis, the trend of 19.2 empty take notice, the other today not recommended layout, sideways in the process of silver than gold is weak, but we are still optimistic, next support line 18.5, to consider the short midline harvest. Yesterday morning the # crude oil pit should be crude: but we video pointed out that if oil prices fell in early trading data, and will be out of data is consistent with Dumbledore, after being made, EIA really strong bullish long just once again bearing diving flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, culprit: NYMEX is the most active October WTI crude oil futures contract September 14th Beijing time 22:30 minutes trading disk instant turnover of 18830 hand, the value of more than $800 million to pay the contract caused by short-term U.S. oil jumped to $45 a barrel and then break. It seems the market is malicious dealer zapan deeply affected, and technically consistent trend, as long as it is not fast, with disastrous results, today to keep high way layout, pressure reference: 44.5 line. Gold silver interval: 1315–1330 interval: 18–19.5 crude oil # interval: 44–46 gold # early operation, even if we have to wait for much lower, to consider the layout of "1318 line", stop 1314 goal, 7–13. Such as the intradiscal tips. Baiyin # today: take on 19相关的主题文章: