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Late at night, the protagonist of the protagonist of the burning pot is what flavor? Lead: we often can see the jade son to burn, what should be what is taste? (source: Mr. fashion network) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! Original title: what is the protagonist of the late night dining room, what is it? "Seen" late night dining room ") people should be very familiar with this dish, a very favorite jade son burning guests in the show, but the preference for sweet taste, once he kindly share jade son burning experience, but the other did not appreciate, that is full of Bonito soup broth aroma is in the jade son to burn, the guest is not convinced that" how can the jade son is burning? Is clear soup egg rolls. "" where is not the same?" Ask the other side, the other guests to help answer "in the sushi shop to eat sweet jade son in sobashop burn, eat the soup egg roll." In Japan, the simple egg dishes also developed different versions with different regions. Kanto Kansai different jade son burn is necessary to care for all the Japanese housewives, but Kansai and Kanto way of seasoning is different, on behalf of Kanto is sweet thick fried jade son burn, Kansai qualify is no sweet soup egg roll, why the Kanto jade son put this burn much sugar? There is a saying that the Edo period, sugar is expensive luxury goods, so the Kanto region good face to Edo people often sugar for cooking seasoning. Kanto thick fried jade son burned in Kansai, the biggest difference in stock egg roll, add sugar, do not add broth, seasoning a good egg juice into the pot directly all the jade son, a small fire slowly fry into some advanced material Pavilion will be joined by hand knife chop out the mud shrimp; Kansai the jade son burn, seasoned with salt, sugar, every family is different, but it is only a small amount of added sugar, with less flavor, add a lot of soup, fried soft and tender taste of the soup egg roll, so the Kanto region made out of solid taste and Kansai soup egg roll is very different. But no matter Kanto Kansai, jade son burning materials are very simple, egg, salt, broth, soy sauce or Japanese sugar, the proportions of ingredients can create coordination between the delicious. But there are also some tips, such as add some egg yolk will more rich, and the use of multi brewed soy delicious, light color white soy sauce, can let the salty taste, flavor (umami) is more prominent, the color of the finished product will be more clean and beautiful, gentlemen, the occasional cook made a perfect jade but burning sub bonus book oh! How to make jade son burn? The jade son burning material ingredients: 3 egg, seasonings, dried fish and kelp broth, salt 1, beat the egg, add soup and salt, mixing. In 2, with a paper towel oil will be evenly coated with oil pan yu. 3, pour a layer of egg with chopsticks, conditioning quickly bubble burst. 4, the skin will be turned from front to back. The egg roll side push forward. 5, add a layer of egg, and the first layer of egg roll slightly raised (don’t forget to put some oil), let the second layer of egg and connected to the same conditioning, chopsticks quickly.相关的主题文章: