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The latest news: UEDBET rectification reopened, still the quality of excellence – Sohu technology Uedbet Asia is the official website of professional football sports news, sports news, providing Uedbet video and other related services for the Uedbet website Uedbet website users, inheritance of excellent service concept! Uedbet Getafe football club was founded in 1976, was named for uedbet Madrid Getafe the official website of the association, to provide the staff together, La Liga, Second Division League K, tens of thousands of live sports field hd. The only strength and provide live sports sponsorship in La Liga of Asia’s top mobile phone company. UEDbet will redefine the ball of each element, each listen to the voice of the user, to seek the best way to solve the real needs of customers in Asia. Since the end of 2013 the Royal Bettis Club shirt sponsorship Cirsa game company contract, the Royal Bettis chest advertising has been in a naked state, the overall economic downturn of the economy as well as the Spanish club the economic situation is one disaster after another. Not long ago, Royal Bettis and Philippines Gambling company UEDBET Jersey sponsorship contract, the contract period of two years to provide annual sponsorship fee of 2 million euros. However, the contract was not readily Spain financial department approval, it is reported that UEDBET in Spain is no license operators banned Bettis Jersey advertising sponsorship, this also led to the Royal Bettis had to negotiate a new shirt sponsor return. At this point, Seville city will appear in a situation of tripartite confrontation situation, but also is the strongest in Seville football". But then, a British man who worked in Seville, Harry · Jones has changed the pattern of football in Seville. The fans have been hoping Seville can have a super teams, he boldly put forward the "Seville football" and Bettis be made one suggestion. In September 1914, King Alfonso of Spain thirteen world officially the royal title awarded to Bettis. Two months later, the Seville football will merge with Bettis, Royal football team will be born in the United States, said the birth of Bettis. UEDbet is a legal company registered in Philippines Manila. UEDBET and Android launched the IOS version of the client, is the leader of the Asian mobile phone industry BC, apple or Android mobile phone through the fans can participate in the experience of mobile phone.相关的主题文章: