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"Let me go" Yu Xiaotong North nose shed pupu tears collapse scene – people.com.cn entertainment channel’s online Week program, "upright boy" Yu Xiaotong runaway! Face to the parting of the fact and adorable baby, get rid of the overbearing President Obama heart warming second "identity," Nicholas told not picky eaters, don’t cry "legs pupu tears", who said that men don’t cry, just minutes up president tenderness, let a person indulge. Do not bully President Yu Xiaotong who said temporary parting infested energy only to better meet, adorable baby don’t know leaving pain, Yu Xiaotong can understand Dabei nose! Thinking is "the last day north nasal home, Yu Xiaotong had high pressure hollowed out, help the adorable baby pack, look lovingly as v. don’t give up, see the adorable baby first reaction is" you will miss me". The policy of "issued by the original earnestly Dean Yu Xiaotong has been away from home! That mighty domineering president wind will never change? Personally away introverted, young as full of "man" like Nicholas, Yu Xiaotong quietly incarnation of "warm heart boy" told "no longer picky eaters, and finally to Nicholas a man between the promise", "I’m a man I want to be strong, so brainwashed jack is don’t have a flavor! Don’t puff left Yu Xiaotong tears collapse scene just bid farewell to Nicholas, the favorite mischievous puff will be gone, don’t look at Yu Xiaotong usually careless just and stern withstand two times continuously, the pain of separation, heart broken a glass! "The one you will remember me", "ah you will call me", while waiting for daddy to void puff, Yu Xiaotong a second question, to start the "sweet puff attack", let the skin thin but shy promised "puff at a loss, call ten times a day," the power of very strong sweet crit, let Yu Xiaotong happy only in dance show. But when one really leave his luggage, Yu Xiaotong never borepatiently inner sadness, despite President image, stood and cried tears, Henry did not know what to do, only to stride forward to a hug. "North nose house" is the only one station, the program group but in several North nose is sad when there are inextricably bogged down in the next station, announced the itinerary! Good point more sincere little routine? And the size of the North nose of the fun tour, next week will be how to re open the curtain?   (commissioning editor: Wu Yaxiong, Li Yan)相关的主题文章: