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Let the children love reading, many American families are using this — Reading Corner – Sohu is my maternal overseas education group. Carol for more than and 10 years English picture book promotion, practice here and exchange experience many times 100 thousand mum enlightenment of parent-child reading, we do not blame the children love reading. In fact, because of the lack of home reading atmosphere. Children can not feel the fun of reading. In addition to the selection of books and reading methods guide, a relatively independent, quiet and comfortable space, so that children can be more relaxed, feel the beauty of reading. Many American families have a reading corner is a good way. What is the experience of reading a book at home? "We really love this corner, and study it is not the same, you don’t have to sit in the table, feel what to do meaningful things can not be. As long as you take a good book, with a warm yellow light, and then a pot of tea, you can spend a quiet evening!" Julia "when I was a child, I like reading books very much, I also like to read books for children. One day I suddenly built a simple reading angle. Our reading corner in the corner of the bedroom, this is a place where peace of mind, is to enjoy the place, is to let the children like to read." Kelly — Jim. "Read the Handbook" in Cui Leslie said, when the child was born, the family library should be established. The sooner the children get used to reading books, the sooner they will form the concept that books are part of everyday life. Said the family library may seem dull, but more relaxed and relaxed reading corner is more open, more easily into the atmosphere. More suitable for children. Remember some time ago to interview a foreign mother, she said, parents to play more in the process of growing up is a backup role. Provide companionship, security and financial resources can support a variety of resources, so that the child on the basis of the choice of their own favorite way to grow. And a good reading angle, it is to provide a good growth space for children. Let him find his favorite book, to explore their interest in reading. Then we introduce a few very suitable for children to read the corner. 1 you need to have a variety of books can be installed under the bookcase, it can be upgraded according to the bookcase, magazine rack etc.. At the same time, let the children can easily get these books, the bookshelf is not too high, so as not to hit them. 2 this is a very simple, but very comfortable book nook. has a big comfortable chair. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on the seat. The cushion can be done. 3 and the balcony of the perfect combination of reading. Read a book in the warm sunshine. Is also very comfortable. 4 clever use of the corner of the house. Reading corner does not require a lot of space and a large house. You can even change the door corridor!相关的主题文章: