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Li Wei "reckless waste Ji" other first exposure "sloppy people -" Li Wei entertainment Sohu debut record of the jungle "other first exposure   Sohu; entertainment news oriental legend blockbuster" reckless waste Ji "in preparation for two years, has been in the starting ceremony held in Karamay on October 8, 2016 in Xinjiang. The director Huang Zuquan with main actor Hawick Lau, Wang Ou, Li Wei and other actors play with costumes full scene, together for "reckless waste Ji" campaign started. The chief said "reckless waste Ji" will enable a large number of special effects, most incisive display in the original fantasy atmosphere and warm blooded action scenes, the producers vowed to "reckless waste Ji" into a real fine. A second jungle subtly malicious four Jun "sloppy people cited expectations most of the audience impression of Li Wei is still stuck in the" kiss boy "in the underworld master, or as in" sheep star "in the international superstar Han Zhiyin. This time, Li Wei broke the previous screen in the handsome and rich image "in the record of the jungle" plays an important role in the "dirty road" — a Taoist as jungle four Jun, not only looks handsome, but also in the play in the senior school in black and white, is the first person to house special admission Gong, Maria, virtue is the excellent honour the teacher and respect his teaching. The exposure of other human wearing sloppy bright white cloak, indigo blue coat collocation calm atmosphere, handsome, caoqun hidden, to brighten the media. In the play, a Taoist is a critical clue figure, when people around into the feelings of confusion or practice encountered bottleneck, often enlighten them, although a few words, but always in the phrase, often play an important role in the development of the plot. Li Wei first challenge IP needs a good fantasy movie actor we talked about meat topic in the interview, the presence of creative not tease each other, the director said that this movie casting more emphasis on the role of growth, so it is necessary to have the experience of actors to interpret, regardless of "meat" is also "Bacon" acting are casting elements the first row. Li Wei’s acting experience is very rich, has been in many classic works created many famous characters full screen image, all clear, popular, and Li Wei with the handsome appearance and exquisite color of the sun screen acting, a high degree of recognition, audience of deep love. "Reckless waste Ji" party admitted that this role plays an important role in helping the people a human growth, the official Li Wei they need such skillful natural and clear image actor will support this role, and a Taoist is natural, with a unique personality charm, many fans of the original books full of expectation for the role I believe, Li Wei’s road will become a typical representative of a classic role in film and television. At the scene, the production team of Li Wei’s performance is praise, although Karamay has dry discomfort from wet to the south, but never delay the shooting schedule is king dedicated to study every scene, and strive to show their best performance in front of the camera. It is reported that for the interpretation of "the role of a Taoist", Li Wei had slipped into the group of martial arts training. Li Wei came to the northwest of the country soon laugh相关的主题文章: