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Life in the English environment, the importance of children English Enlightenment – Sohu mother many parents are concerned about the life in the English environment for children English Enlightenment the importance of the topic, yes, English environment is very important, for 0-6 years old baby’s Enlightenment in English today, Sohu specially invited to the maternal and child care and early education English education experts Sun Ruiling, to share with parents, how to use life, to strengthen the baby English enlightenment. The guests: Sun Ruiling, early education and children’s English education experts, the original author, editor of FLTRP experts, 12th Five-Year National Planning Ministry of education key members of the project group, "baby hamster timely early" founder. With many years of Sino US line of development experience, has trained the infant teachers and parents of hundreds of thousands of people, the editor of the "new standard", "Tsinghua children’s English children’s English", "written language game Anglo American children English game Ballads" series, "Franklin turtle" culture translation translation "classical sense of emotional intelligence, enlightenment English children’s picture book" and "manual" and other review editor. Mentioned the need to do the English Enlightenment, in fact, a lot of parents has been a consensus, but the mention of the creation of English environment for children, many parents or with a sad face, screaming headache. Today, we sit down and talk about this important but not feel the topic. Why is English so important? First of all, let’s talk about the English environment for children’s English Enlightenment why so important. First, the language sense of enlightenment requires a lot of language input children learn the language is from the beginning of the hearing, the amount of language input enough, it is possible to have output. As the reservoir of injected water, will slowly overflow. This is what we usually call input – activation – output language learning rules. Since we want to listen more, more input, then the English environment is very important, with a good English environment, naturally can provide adequate input for children. If there is no language environment, children do not have enough conditions to imitate the language. Third, the English Enlightenment need to be interested in the need to establish the English language environment in the sense of what is the English language sense? In 2004 I had mentioned, people feel the ability of English language is English, people use English to communicate, to blurt out the meaning without thinking, sometimes also can correct English feel look, it sounds weird, speaking fluently, from the first feeling you can identify what English what is authentic, authentic enough even is not correct, this is actually the sense of language in action. The establishment of English language sense will directly affect children’s interest and success in learning english. The 0-6 year old children is the best time to cultivate English language sense. English language sense needs to be established in a certain English environment, therefore, it is very important for children to create a good English environment. How should we correctly understand the English environment? As mentioned earlier, many parents feel that the creation of English environment is a headache, this is because parents understand the English environment, mostly refers to the English environment, such as foreign.相关的主题文章: