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Like the car or SUV? Value of domestic cars to meet you! Sohu – car both appearance design, mechanical adjustment and security configuration, independent brand car quality is close to or reached the level of joint venture vehicle, not to talk about patriotism, only consider the quality of car, own brand models worth consumers consider or start, especially in the two or three line of the city, Chinese models of the brand recognition is very high, the professor introduced several cheap and cost-effective independent models. Chery – AI Ruize 5 price: 5.89-9.79 million advantages: cheap, simple appearance of engaging disadvantages: low allocation models, the configuration is slightly less recommended models: 2016 1.5L manual version of Linc AI Ruize 5 Chery recently launched a new compact models, design original degree is high, not too complex, simple and beautiful that is the Chery family in yen value play. As a cheap compact car, and the same level models, body size is not a disadvantage, has a good ride space, rear spacious enough to accommodate two adults. In addition to the entry-level version is still available, the rest of the models are equipped with LED daytime driving lights. In the security configuration of concern, Yi Ruize 5 line comes standard with BOSCH ESP9.0 vehicle stability system, ensure traffic safety. In addition, the function of the vehicle also remind the whole system comes standard with a variety of intimate, such as emergency brake lights, strobe lights and alarm key forgotten the trunk is not closed (remind mother don’t have to worry about my bare ass out). Power system, Yi Ruize 5 currently provides only a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, equipped with 5 speed manual transmission and CVT transmission power system, not too bright, but as for the work on the shopping cart, practical and reliable is the most important. In addition, Yi Ruize will launch 1.5T models 5 soon, power will be improved. Chery Tiggo 5 – price: 8.88-15.19 million advantages: 1.5T+CVT combination disadvantages: the humanized design of poor recommendation models: 2017, 1.5T CVT premium edition in Tiggo 5 just launched, has accumulated a lot of popularity, the combination of 1.5T+CVT is more loved by the general consumer, and further enhance the driving quality. CVT models and manual models of the appearance of the size and no obvious difference, but the manufacturers have launched a new body color for consumers to choose, however, did not like the professor Sao red, slightly disappointed. Tiggo 5 interior style is still simple and practical, pay attention to, and a panoramic sunroof is one of the highlights of CVT models, the 5 models Tiggo and no panoramic sunroof, although the opening is relatively small, but better than nothing, are also considered to meet, not to turn the body out to the wind? In the crowded city, manual makes many consumers prohibitive, now there is a combination of 1.5T+CVT and dynamic enough ten flat eight stable performance, Tiggo 5 manual owners are anxious to replacement of automatic. SAIC Roewe.相关的主题文章: