Lin Chiling responded to Edison Chan really have the ability to recover their temper-yuanmu

Lin Chiling Edison Chan responded: back to just the temper Sina entertainment news interview hall door really have the ability, you see a broker in a threatening manner to come out, there are other media with the team. Slightly excited brokers began to scream in the door, please don’t mention Qin, Edison Chan Shupei [micro-blog] name! The following was surrounded by the crowd to the interview room, I saw Lin Chiling [micro-blog] is sitting in the centre of the room chair, eyes red, and occasionally slightly tilted his head, seems to suppress tears. The wait staff came up. The lights at the focus of Zhi Ling’s sister is still beautiful, but also inevitably some lonely. The staff removed Zhi Ling, sister to see people, they immediately restored its iconic warm smile, a quiet battle a feeling. Although this is a large Oriental TV fashion reality show "my new clothes" propaganda platform, but the focus of the public seems a long time ago and Edison Chan issues. After a brief greeting, Konami couldn’t help but want to explore Zhiling sister how to respond after the storm. The first opening, the side of the broker immediately restored doorway just situation, take step forward and blocked the shot. Zhi Ling sister seems to have something to say, but look at the mess for a time, I do not know what to do, look both sorry and timid. However, the "three high goddess" (Yan high value, high intelligence, high EQ) is known as the Zhi Ling sister naturally understand any situation soaring is not the answer, after a moment’s hesitation, she is very gentle in the broker behind me said, "good!" She admitted himself and the program group are now "confused", but do not want to use the negative emotions and we believe that action and communication, time will prove everything. A expressing one sister Zhi Ling also seems to be relieved, humorous jokes in a subsequent interview, from time to time quietly share about beauty and life their life experience, the goddess of the hat again no pressure firmly on his head. Keywords: a controversial exclusive response to the dispute: "confused", I believe that time will prove everything before the storm: Sina entertainment is also involved in this program will not start a grudge? Lin Chiling: No. We can say that is in a state of confusion in the face of this thing, in fact, I think the only thing is each with their own positive energy good to overcome, I did not think of other. Sina entertainment: before the storm, want to say something? Lin Chiling: I’ve always felt that the first thing a player has to do is to accept these positive and negative voices. Sometimes I am not so strong, but also feel wronged, need more power. (the broker interrupted) I’m fine. (hesitated for a moment) I feel that everything, the less the better, let yourself go. I don’t really want to communicate with anyone with any anger. And I often think, say too much, as well as the action and time to prove it all. Of course, I also have a low tide, but this time it is necessary to come up with their own courage to. When you have the courage.相关的主题文章: