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Listed only half of the shoes manufacturer not bad money account with 6 cash to buy sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you my 20160914 photograph: Lu Yan visual Chinese listed for less than seven months, the fund-raising project is still in the investment period, women’s shoes manufacturers day fashion (603608.SH) has a pen to spend cash on account of nearly 60% large spending plan. Tico fashion recently announced that, in order to better meet the needs of the future development of the company, the Guangzhou Pearl River Metro CBD advantage, to build a good platform to build eco fashion industry, the second session of the tenth meeting of the board of directors, decided to buy Guangzhou Fujing Real Estate Development Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou Fullview) developed in Guangzhou Tianhe District Zhujiang New City, Hing Man Road No. 222 three days Ying Plaza C3 building, the 35 storey office (whole) for regional office. The deal shows that commercial housing sold in sets, the area comprising the construction of housing. Housing construction area of 2749.10 square meters, at a price of $54 thousand and 600 per square meter, the total amount of $150 million (excluding taxes and other taxes). The buyer to pay a one-time payment, the first phase of 1629 in September 16th 20%, second in October 30th before the delivery of 1629 40%, third in December 29th before the delivery of 1629 10%, fourth in March 30, 2017 before the delivery of 1629 30%. The company said that the purchase of office space for the company’s own funds required funds. According to the semi annual report disclosed in the parent company balance sheet, as of June 30th, the balance of the company’s monetary fund balance of 237 million yuan. The company plans to spend 150 million yuan to buy the amount of 63%. Significant reduction in cash for the company’s daily operations will inevitably affect. However, just listed near TICO fashion like not bad money. Tico fashion major fashion women shoes R & D, production, distribution and retail business, founding brand "KISSCAT", in recent years and the introduction of "ZsaZsaZsu", "tigrisso" and "KissKitty" three of its own brand, and the brand of "Patricia" in spain. The company landed in February 2016 A shares, following Saturday (002291.SZ) after the listing of second shoe enterprises in Guangdong. At the time, the prospectus disclosure, TICO fashion to the initial public offering to issue RMB ordinary shares (A shares) 70 million shares, the issue price per share of 9.8 yuan, total 686 million yuan to raise funds, after deducting the cost of issue 52 million 838 thousand and 200 yuan to raise funds amounted to 633 million yuan net. The issue to raise funds to invest in the shoe store sales expansion project (466 million yuan), the Asia Pacific Product Design Center Project (38 million 770 thousand yuan) and complement the company’s liquidity (128 million yuan). In August 19th, TICO fashion released a monograph in 2016 semi annual raise funds on deposit with the use of the相关的主题文章: