Little aunt basket daily NBA recommended 4 bulls lost Magic 4 in a row brock lesnar

Little aunt basket daily NBA recommended: 4 bulls lost? Magic 4 in a row? NBA the start of the new season, small aunt continued last season, will push the 1 main field to you every day, regardless of the odds, fundamentals or injuries and so on, small aunt will have very detailed information, hope can help to you! Today NBA upset very much Oh, even Toronto lost to the king, the Celtics lose the Nuggets, really is a special feature of the NBA routine. After the big red black, black after the big red, small aunt’s repertoire is also very deep! Tomorrow is 7 ha, small aunt love team, analysis of 1 key fields, hoping to let you have the harvest of data and reference, we come today Kazakhstan problems occur in the injury, Toronto Xiunasi this morning to determine the varan injury, I have not seen the news at 6 in the morning, after all and not Cousins duel (with 22 points). Nicks did not expect this, sir Hayward comeback to get 28 points, it’s a bit crazy ha. You should not be too tangled 1 days of data for 2 days, small aunt recently feel good, although wrong, but the accident in the body, if Varin Hugh Nath in, certainly not the case. I am not to find their own reasons for Kazakhstan, small aunt just summarize the failure, not up to laugh, this is certainly not. Currently taking advantage of the normal event and the team running in almost the same time, as much profit as possible. For some lose many teams try to avoid ha, don’t imagine he can win and rebound, do not chase popular team, it will lose more. Don’t chase chase hot cold, this is the king! Magic VS bull recommendation: the Bulls let 6.5 bulls after a wave of winning streak in a row after a loss of 3, home of the top 2 wins and 1 losses, the performance is not good. Although the big 3 looks good, but Butler looks far better than their true level, but Wade performed very well. But before the 6 game, opponents are not what you can get out of the center, winning all 3 games is shorthanded, especially the Celtics and the Pacers win nets, etc.. There are no 1 particularly good opponents. Small aunt was optimistic about the magic also causes the magic and the bulls on the contrary, the start of the 3 game losing streak, later 3 game winning streak, lost to the heat – Detroit and Cleveland are recent very strong opponents, won the 76 – Magic and wizards, lost 6 points just a knight. Although the magic of the road is relatively poor, but also often lose disk, but in the face of this opponent, the general will not be completely lost, and so I will analyze and you. The magic of the current lineup is reasonable, the team with Payton, Aaron Gordon, Wu Raicevic, the most important thing is to have Bi Yongbo and yibaka, pose a great threat to both defense is bound to Wade and Butler’s defense, but the standard does not like bull outside. Although Wade and Milo Diqy can still, but the whole look really can not believe that the bull is afraid of such teams. The bull’s big three has just been pedestrian lay waste, Wei Decai 4 points, Rondo 9 points, Butler 16 points, it is also a good performance bench. But they always rely on Wade and Butler to solve the problem, but they have not shun it, it is hard for others to stand up. After all, Wade and Gibson are both相关的主题文章: