Liu Dong Qin incarnation language value facade and Zhou Jie play with each other (video)-txplatform

Liu Qin said "winter incarnation value" facade and play Zhou Jie laugh at each other [Abstract] after the broadcast, "said Qin Liu winter not only value the ability to impress the audience, more netizens shouted" Liu Qin said winter not only more Yan. "Liu Dongqin Liu Dongqin Tencent dance entertainment news last night, original talk show" the value of said major combat "in Zhejiang TV premiere, new niche Liu Dongqin debut premiere lineup of guests, in the" meat team ", Zhou Jie, Yueming Pan, Zhang Shaogang and Wan Feng, et al. The" old gun "team launched sharp debate. And Zhou Jie McCain dancing mad brush like that, in the first phase of the program for the "Internet of things", the two teams launched a sharp confrontation chunqiangshezhan like meat, as a team of Liu Dongqin, the first play big broke his first network called "past", by the guests Tucao 90 face after 70 heart". And said: "the development of the Internet to make more transparent the lives of public figures, but in some respects this is when we become artists before, should do the mental preparation, a remark, immediately triggered the old gun team collective voice, play fellow brothers Zhou Jie is repeatedly lamented:" winter Qin later you will regret saying this, when I came to do!" After the program aired, Liu Dong Qin not only the value of the ability to impress the audience, more netizens shouted, Liu Dongqin not only have more Yan yan". Liu Dongqin is 185, in yesterday’s show, dressed in pink casual, handsome meat sense, heard the recording program gap is made a big show of dancing, will be recorded into the atmosphere of the new climax. Double male God works constantly concern interesting is Liu Dongqin because of an iceberg in the recent hit TV series "-" in the bear head Liao splash, netizens praised the "contrast handsome" and "meat hormones play", attracted many audiences. Following the words "big fight" in the "value Yan value" and "language value" double charm, Liu Dongqin appeared in the latest web series "I’m not a monster" will be aired on October 7th, I believe that will attract more people to its attention. TV drama "Liu Shishi Zheng Kai" that the youth we just love Li Haoxuan Liu Dong Qin Cao相关的主题文章: