Liu Ye the bewitched did a lot of things, such as an actor (video)

Liu Ye: the "bewitched" did a lot of things, such as actor Liu Ye Liu Ye: from melancholy prince to fire the Chinese Club Beijing News reported in September 23rd by Zhou Huixiaowan Peng Ziyang for photography friends two words went to Beijing in 23 and got admitted to play, Golden Horse Award winner, but in the most proud of the lowest, but met his angel interview before the moment, Liu Ye seems to go to the front of reporters. Not too much courtesy, it seems that the two met long conversations between friends, he said he faced a "micro-blog crisis", because too many fans do not always concern here; he turned a serious face, looking into the camera, put a pose. Hear came bursts of praise a sound, he looked up a mischievous smile, "" spirit of beauty "is?" Four years ago, when Liu Ye put "Ye" word for "fire" "China", "China founded the fire agency", the self styled "fire Chinese President" that day, every day no matter how busy he was committed to grab the sofa, scripts, active participation and the bet, became a "network of male ruffian". This condition seems to be very difficult with the former "blue niche" link, Liu Ye is no longer Lengnan high clouds, the forehead more mature and strong. "Funny, serious Liu Ye Liu Ye, is I; as for acting, is will be good to play any role, because I can open." Do the gaffer’s father did not approve of him as a talented actor, calm atmosphere, facial features location also grows accurately in place, you have a mother of the people of Shandong are upright, Changchun, father." Liu Ye described himself on micro-blog. Asked him which part of his face the most satisfied, he burst into laughter "are satisfied". Liu Ye was born in Changchun, parents are Changchun studio staff. When he was very naughty, love reading, painting, or a "Haoshua" and "big game player", because he has been too boring, in serious atmosphere may try to "do" something to. Even now, he said that the bones have not changed, just want to give you some fun. Liu Ye is the father of the long shadow plant lighting division, a life is the most regret is to miss the university entrance exam opportunity, always expect children to be college students, a science, a paper from. So he never wanted to dig the child’s artistic talent, cultivate them as actors. In my father’s eyes, the actors like Pyramid, a huge base, fame is not easy, he didn’t agree with Liu Ye go this way, "his father had seen too many famous and not famous actor, he said, if not, it is very painful to face enormous psychological pressure." Until later, Liu Ye in the industry has been recognized by the industry, his father was to acquiesce in his career. "My play, my dad has seen, if there is any opinion, he will be a bit rude to point out with me." Go to Beijing to play a friend just because the test sentences because the parents work environment, Liu Ye grew up watching and listening to the story is set, he occasionally went to see the movie. But even if there is curiosity, was he never thought of himself to be the actor, "it was originally planned to go to Central Academy of Drama is just a coincidence, the college entrance examination before my sister students admitted to the Beijing Film Academy,.相关的主题文章: