Long endurance entertainment machine moto Z play comprehensive evaluation-tonya mitchell

Long life entertainment machine Moto Z Play comprehensive evaluation of Moto mobile phone products have a good reputation, carrying a generation of Moto into memory, Lenovo, the number of star products have launched in China, and this year’s flagship Moto  modular; line version of the Z series is finally released, this give us the price is slightly lower Moto  Z  Play, the official website of 3299 64GB of storage space, but also supports dual SIM card +TF card, honest! As of last year’s Moto  X  Play, Moto  Z  Play is the flagship series, but good enough performance with a more friendly price to become the best choice for young people and love entertainment, with its "big brother" Moto  Z, Moto  Z  Play also supports a variety of Moto  Mods extension; the module, so can play is quite high. The overview of the main parameters above can quickly understand the Moto  Z  Play, I think the most exciting thing is that Moto finally supports fingerprint recognition, and is located in the front is very convenient. In addition, the performance of the 16 million pixel main camera is really looking forward to, as well as the official claimed that the 36 hour long life can be achieved in the end? This evaluation will help you find out the answer. The user can choose to purchase a substantial increase in friction power module life also more concerned about the mobile phone battery life users use Moto  Z  Play can not go out with a charge treasure, because the official also introduced the "friction electricity" extension module, module built up 2220mAh battery, plus Moto  Z  Play; 3510mAh can be achieved 5730mAh large battery capacity. Here we start from the appearance, a comprehensive understanding of this model. The big work design   feel Yan value talent shows itself for most people, the first impression of the mobile phone is from the appearance of Moto has a top international design and workmanship, Lenovo is now reverted after talent shows itself in the domestic brands, I used the gray white wallpaper collocation black front panel, but you can not to "dark side" of the existence of attention was completely attracted by the amazing SuperAMOLED display screen. The front using 5.5 inch 1080p screen Moto  Z  Play uses 5.5 inches 1920×1080 pixel resolution screen, the size of small hand users for some large, but as a "Play" as the core, the young consumer positioning models for entertainment is just right, the screen size can meet the entertainment experience, but also have some portable. Moto  Z  Play has a pre flash.相关的主题文章: